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Boyko, E.J., Fujimoto, W.Y., Leonetti, D.L. and NewellMorris, L. (2000) Diabetes Care, 23, 465 71. Calle, E.E., Rodriguez, C., Walker-Thurmond, K. and Thun, M.J. (2003) The New England Journal of Medicine, 348, 1625 38. Calle, E.E., Thun, M.J., Petrelli, J.M. et al. (1999) The New England Journal of Medicine, 341, 1097 105. Carey, V.J., Walters, E.E., Colditz, G.A. et al. (1997) American Journal of Epidemiology, 145, 614 9. Carman, W.J., Sowers, M., Hawthorne, V.M. and Weissfeld, L.A. (1994) American Journal of Epidemiology, 139, 119 29. Carmelli, D., Zhang, H. and Swan, G.E. (1997) Epidemiology, 8, 378 83. Carnethon, M.R., Gidding, S.S., Nehgme, R. et al. (2003) Journal of American Medical Association, 290, 3092 100. Chan, J.C.N., Cheung, J.C.K., Lau, E.M.C. et al. (1996) Diabetes Care, 19, 953 9. Chan, J.M., Rimm, E.B., Colditz, G.A. et al. (1994) Diabetes Care, 17, 961 9. Chen, H., Hansen, M.J., Jones, J.E. et al. (2006) American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 173, 1248 54. Chen, J., Muntner, P., Hamm, L.L. et al. (2004) Annals of Internal Medicine, 140, 167 74. Cicuttini, F.M., Baker, J.R. and Spector, T.D. (1996) The Journal of Rheumatology, 23, 1221 6. Coggon, D., Reading, I., Croft, P. et al. (2001) International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, 25, 622 7. Colditz, G.A., Willett, W.C., Rotnitzky, A. and Manson, J.E. (1995) Annals of Internal Medicine, 122, 481 6. Colditz, G.A., Willett, W.C., Stampfer, M.J. et al. (1990) American Journal of Epidemiology, 132, 501 13. Corley, D.A. (2007) Gut, 56, 1493 4. de Simone, G., Devereux, R.B., Kizer, J.R. et al. (2005) The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 81, 757 61. Deurenberg-Yap, M., Chew, S.K. and Deurenberg, P. (2002) Obesity Reviews, 3, 209 15. Deurenberg, P., Yap, M. and van Staveren, W.A. (1998) International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, 22, 1164 71. Dowse, G.K., Zimmet, P.Z., Gareeboo, H. et al. (1991) Diabetes Care, 14, 271 82. Drenick, E.J., Bale, G.S., Seltzer, F. and Johnson, D.G. (1980) Journal of the American Medical Association, 243, 443 5. Eckel, R.H., Grundy, S.M. and Zimmet, P.Z. (2005) Lancet, 365, 1415 28. Eliassen, A.H., Colditz, G.A., Rosner, B. et al. (2006) Journal of the American Medical Association, 296, 193 201. Empana, J.P., Ducimetiere, P., Charles, M.A. and Jouven, X. (2004) Circulation, 110, 2781 5. Erlinger, S. (2000) European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 12, 1347 52.
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On the left side of the Insert Table dialog box, you see a preview of how the table will look. By default, you see either the Standard table style or the last table style that you used. Choose the table style that you want from the Table Style name drop-down list. In the next section, I explain how to define a table style. In the Insertion Behavior section of the dialog box, choose from one of the following options: Specify insertion point: You place the table in your drawing by specifying an insertion point. You use the Column & Row Settings section to specify the number of columns and their width, as well as the number of rows and their height (in terms of lines of text). Specify window: You pick a point at the upper-left corner of the table and then move the mouse to specify the lower-right corner. You use the Column & Row Settings section to specify the number of columns and the line height of the rows. As you move the mouse to the right, the columns widen, and as you move the mouse downward, additional rows are added. Click when you see the size that you want. If the table style shown is what you want, click OK. Then specify an insertion point or a window to place the table.
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16. For the simple thin lens FODO cell, verify that the phase advance as
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Scaling with grips is very similar to using the SCALE command. First, choose all of the objects that you want to scale. Then click any grip to activate it. This becomes the base point. Rightclick to open the Grip shortcut menu and choose Scale. You see the prompt:
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Function contours (solid lines) and the collection of points where the Hessian matrix is singular (dotted lines). The Hessian matrix is positive definite in the region bounded by the dotted lines that includes the minimum (cross). It is indefinite outside this region. (Problem 6.6)
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Changing Permissions
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AtFs = ( X T C - l X ) - l X T C - ' d ( t ) ,
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You can create straight segments by Alt-clicking, just as you can when using the freeform pen without Magnetic turned on. And the Curve Fit option (on the Options bar) controls the smoothness of the path. Lower values trace the edges more carefully; higher values result in fewer points and smoother edges.
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In addition to the named destinations, tags for Accessibility are also created in the PDF document when the PDF structure is exported from FrameMaker.
After displaying an XHTML page header, the script sets two variables: $hour, holding the current hour of the day, and $year, holding the current year. It uses PHP s date() function to get these two values; passing the string G to date() returns the hour in 24-hour clock format, and passing Y returns the year. You can find out more about the workings of the date() function in 16. Next, the script uses an if...elseif...else construct to display an appropriate greeting. If the current hour is between 5 and 12 the script displays Good morning! ; if it s between 12 and 18 it displays Good afternoon! and so on. Finally, the script works out if the current year is a leap year. It creates a new $leapYear variable, set to false by default, then sets $leapYear to true if the current year is divisible by 4 but not by 100, or if it s divisible by 400. The script then outputs a message, using the ternary operator ( ) to insert the word not into the message if $leapYear is false.
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All AppleTalk data is formatted to be exchanged in DDP packets over an AppleTalk network. DDP has two different packet types. The short DDP packet type is not used much anymore. It was developed when AppleTalk was limited to segments only. The extended DDP packet type is what is most commonly used.48 Another protocol used at this layer is the AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol (AARP). Just RANDOM BONUS DEFINITION like the Address Resolution ProLayer 3 switch A router. tocol (ARP) for TCP/IP, AARP maps network addresses to their associated data link addresses.
AutoCAD doesn t save your changes until you commit them. To save your changes, right-click the grid header the cell at the top-left corner of the Data Table window and choose Commit. To discard your changes, choose Restore, which restores the original values of the database when you opened the Data Table window.
Checking UNIX passwords and groups Accessing the system logger Calling shared library functions Providing identifier and keyword completion Retrieving file system and resource information Controlling file descriptors Handling terminals and pseudo-terminals Interfacing with Sun s NIS Yellow Pages
Part IV Drawing in Three Dimensions
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