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Description The browser s request was successful. The requested content (if any) will follow. The requested resource is now at a different URL. The new URL will follow in a Location header. The browser should use the new URL in the future. The requested resource is temporarily at a different URL. The new URL will follow in a Location header. The browser should continue to use the existing URL in future requests. The request sent by the browser was invalid (for example, its syntax was incorrect). The browser is trying to access a resource that it does not have permission to access (for example, a password-protected file). The resource requested by the browser could not be found on the server. There was a problem processing the request on the server.
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event set up within the head of your page. The Stop Sound Action is its counterpart, enabling the sound to cease playing. However, design is one thing, and having the tools to carry out the JavaScript commands of these Actions is another. And, unfortunately, that has not happened yet. The capability to control sound via JavaScript is not yet a reality, at least as I write this book. (Should that change, I promise I ll let you know at If you can find a sound format that works on all (or most) browsers and platforms and that can be controlled by JavaScript you can enable your visitors to play and stop sounds on your site.
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The idStudent eld is an integer (INT) that is required (NOT NULL). The database automatically generates values for this eld by adding one to the value it last generated (AUTO_INCREMENT). The FirstName and LastName elds are required variable-length strings up to 45 characters long. The table s primary key is the idStudent eld.
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Absolute dropper, differentiated services DSrDiffserv. architecture, 343 Acceptance region, integrated services internet ISI., call admission control CAC., controlled-load service CLS., 51 Access flow control, backlog balancing flow control, 253 Acknowledgment mechanism: new RENO TCP, flow control, congestion control, 286 TCP flow control, congestion control, 278 280, 282 284 fast retransmit and recovery, 284 286 Action elements, differentiated services DSrDiffserv. architecture, 342 343 Acti eList, packet scheduling, round-robin scheduling, 112 113 Active queue management, drop on full disciplines, 215 Actual total buffer usage, backlog balancing flow control, simulation results, 258 263 Adaptability, multiprotocol label switching MPLS., traffic engineering, 367 Adaptive clock, SONET protocol, ATM adaptation layer, 402 Add-drop mux ADM., SONET protocol, sublayer structure, 380 382 Address summarization and reachability, PNNI routing protocols, 314 315 Admission control: ATM VBR services, call admission control CAC.: effective bandwidth, 24 25 Lucent s CAC, 25 27 NEC CAC, 27 30 lossless multiplexing, 28 statistical multiplexing, 28 30 tagged-probability-based CAC, 30 43 cell loss rate CLR., 30 32 modified effective bandwidth, 34 modified statistical multiplexing algorithm, 34 35 performance evaluation, 35 43 TAP algorithm, 32 34 worst-case traffic model, 23 24 characteristics and techniques, 17 18 deterministic bound, 18 19 integrated services internet ISI.: application, 4 admission control CAC., 43 54 admission control algorithms, 50 52 controlled-load service CLS., 49 54 measurement mechanisms, 52 54 quality of service QoS. guarantee: delayrbuffer bounds, 45 47 guaranteed service GS. application, 48 49 probabilistic bound, equivalent bandwidth, 19 23 Bernoulli trials and binomial distribution, 20
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Although this array has numeric keys, which in one sense makes it an indexed array, the keys are not consecutive. You could also think of the array as an associative array with numeric keys! As mentioned at the start of the chapter, PHP doesn t distinguish internally between indexed and associative arrays, hence it s possible to create indexed arrays with non-consecutive numeric indices. Although the $authors array s highest index is 47, the array contains four elements, not 48. (These types of arrays are often called sparse arrays.) So when the script tries to access the last element ( Dickens ) using $lastIndex which is set to 3, or one less than the return value of count() PHP generates an Undefined offset notice, and the echo() statement prints an empty string. Having said all this, provided you know that an indexed array contains consecutively numbered indices, you can assume that, for example, the 30th element in the array will always have an index of 29. If you re in doubt you can use the functions described in the next section Stepping Through an Array to retrieve the element you re after.
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TABLE 2.1. SCF Total Energies (hartrees) of CH4 , NH3 , H2 O, and HF as a Function of Basis Seta Basis Set STO-3G 4-31G 6-31G* 6-31G** HF limitb drawcode39barcode
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Here are some code snippets from a revised version of the view_member.php script that includes the Clear Access Log function. New lines of code are highlighted.
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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10: Customizing GNOME and KDE
Table 14-2 Metadata Sequence Pieces
The Search tab
File Transfers
cov(u,, u,) = cov(u;,
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