Operational input keys usually must be restructured and converted before they are written out to the data warehouse. Very seldom does an input key remain unaltered as it is read in the operational environment and written out to the data warehouse environment. In simple cases, an element of time is added to the output key structure. In complex cases, the entire input key must be rehashed or otherwise restructured. Nonkey data is reformatted as it passes from the operational environment to the data warehouse environment. As a simple example, input data about a date is read as YYYY/MM/DD and is written to the output file as DD/MM/YYYY. (Reformatting of operational data before it is ready to go into a data warehouse often becomes much more complex than this simple example.) Data is cleansed as it passes from the operational environment to the data warehouse environment. In some cases, a simple algorithm is applied to input data in order to make it correct. In complex cases, artificial intelligence subroutines are invoked to scrub input data into an acceptable output form. There are many forms of data cleansing, including domain checking, cross-record verification, and simple formatting verification. Multiple input sources of data exist and must be merged as they pass into the data warehouse. Under one set of conditions, the source of a data warehouse data element is one file, and under another set of conditions the source of data for the data warehouse is another file. Logic must be spelled out to have the appropriate source of data contribute its data under the right set of conditions. When there are multiple input files, key resolution must be done before the files can be merged. This means that if different key structures are used in the different input files, the merging program must have the logic embedded that allows resolution. With multiple input files, the sequence of the files may not be the same or even compatible. In this case, the input files need to be resequenced. This is not a problem unless many records must be resequenced, which unfortunately is almost always the case. Multiple outputs may result. Data may be produced at different levels of summarization by the same data warehouse creation program. Default values must be supplied. Under some conditions an output value in the data warehouse will have no source of data. In this case, the default value to be used must be specified. The efficiency of selection of input data for extraction often becomes a real issue. Consider the case where at the moment of refreshment there
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Figure 8-8: Enter the Product Activation Key when prompted.
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Coaxial Cables (Copper)
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If the measurement text itself does not appear the way you want it, you should change the annotation specifications in the dimension style. You can also specify a prefix or suffix (such as mm) for all dimensions, as explained in the next chapter. You can delete the brackets and type your own dimension text, but you lose the ability of the dimension s measurement to automatically adjust to any change in the object s size.
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25: Troubleshooting Mobile Devices
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False To ensure the network from a security perspective requires full documentation as the network currently exists. The documentation should include network diagrams with network address schemes being used and the physical locations of the equipment and cabling being used to make up the network. 233. Name three methods of authentication. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) Certi cates 234. True or false: The process of network authentication can be simple as a user ID and password. True 235. What are the four most commonly used elements in an LDAP Users Groups Filters Services 236. When a RADIUS client passes a user s authentication credentials to the RADIUS server, the server will respond with one of three responses. What are these responses and what does each mean Access Reject User is denied all access to network resources. Access Challenge User needs to provide additional information. Access Accept User is granted access. 237. The use of digitally signed certi cates came into use as a security method used to ensure the entities on opposite ends of a communication channel are who they claim to be. 238. IPSec is a suite of protocols used for securing Internet communications. 239. True or false: To have a successful help desk implementation, there is a need for someone to pick up the telephone. True 240. In a large organization, there are usually groups of dedicated individuals who support certain aspects of the network. What are they PC support Server support Network support
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