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A high level of physical, network, and host-level security must be enforced at all times. A data center needs 24 7 dedicated professional security staff and multiple layers of hard-line physical security such as biometric scanners, electronic-coded badges, and video surveillance through the data center and the facility. A digital copy of the videorecorded events must be archived for future post mortems. Regular cleaning of the data center is important to remove all dust and dirt, which can damage devices. A live data center must be cleaned with extreme caution. Keyboards should not be touched. Antistatic cleaning and machine scrubbing is necessary for high-pressure raisedfloor surfaces. The removal of floor tiles to perform work in a raisedfloor environment creates serious safety hazards. It is easy to fall or drop equipment in an unmarked open floor tile. You should use safety cones to demarcate open tile work zones. Floor tiles that have been removed must be kept within the well-demarcated work zone. Quarterly preventive maintenance must include power systems checks, HVAC and generator servicing, and so forth. All service visits must be coordinated and tracked. Service plan must include the following:
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10.2.2. Sampling and Surveys
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LANs, MANs, and WANs
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Figure 3-9: The last initial setup screen.
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A boat is likely to have a magnetic eld of its own, due to the magnetic materials such as its engine, incorporated into it. When the boat remains in a xed position for some time, its own magnetic eld becomes aligned with that of the Earth s magnetic eld. When the boat is moved onto any other heading, the magnetic eld experienced by the steering compass is a combination of the Earth s and the boat s elds and so the compass does not point directly towards magnetic North. This error is called deviation and will vary in value as the boat s heading changes. Not only that, but also the error will vary as the boat heels, although this is dif cult to allow for and is normally ignored. Compass Correction Compass errors should be measured and corrected. With possible errors as large as 30 degrees, relying on an uncorrected steering compass can result in dangerous navigational errors. Prior to electronic navigation, steering compasses were routinely checked and adjusted, if necessary. These days many boat owners rely on the electronic element of their navigation to take them to their destination and never even consider compass deviation. Commercial vessels have their compass corrected by professional compass adjusters . Leisure boat owners can check compass deviation themselves and some leisure compasses allow some simple form of correction. Owners of steel vessels need to take special precautions with their compass installations as the steel hull has a signi cant magnetic in uence. DIY Compass Swing It is pretty easy to measure compass error and the process is called swinging the compass . Although the process used by the amateur will not be as accurate as when carried out by a professional compass adjuster, it will be entirely adequate for quantifying any major compass errors.
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For example, Listing 17-2 writes out a multipart message and then parses it back again.
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< xml version= 1.0 > <page deptno= 20 job= CLERK xmlns:xsql= urn:oracle-xsql connection= demo > <xsql:query bind-params= deptno job > select * from emp where deptno= and job= </xsql:query> </page>
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Then, the scalar stochastic variable
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People PersonId FirstName LastName 1 Jobs
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Two celebrated consequences of these transformations are time dilation and the Lorentz contraction. Time dilation can be obtained from the last equation. A clock in the primed frame located at x = ut will show a time t' = t / y . The Lorentz contraction follows from the first of the transformation equations. Suppose an object of length L along the x'-axis is at rest in the ' primed frame with one end at the origin. At f = 0 the first transformation gives L = yL,so the length of the object in the unprimed frame is L = L'/y. !
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