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Table 2.1 Data on Plastics Processing Industry in Asian Regions (Other Than China) Population (millions) 27.2 21 22 47 60 127 4 GDP (Billion $US) 220 215 362 580 369 3913 92 Demand for Plastics (million tonnes) 7 1 3 4b 2b 9 0.3 Employed by Industry 1 million + 85,000 150,000 100,000 458,000 13,000
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A good portion of the time if someone says network adapter, they are talking about an NIC card. Or the adapter at the end of a cable (serial adapter, Ethernet adapter, etc.). 30 It seemed like a good time for a shameless plug. 31 Some people assume that NIC stands for network interface card. This is not correct, although the term NIC card is accepted by most. If NIC were network interface card, then an NIC card would be a network interface card card. 32 If you are ever unsure, just ask someone. 33 Okay. We said that it was a funny term, but it s one we are comfortable with. It is less awkward to ask someone, Who do you buy the NIC card from than Where did you get that NIC
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Mobile Service Applications and Performance in UMTS
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Py_None is an actual object, so treat it like any other with respect to reference counting. For example, when a C extension module function has no return value, it should use the following idiom: Py_INCREF(Py_None); return Py_None;
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Conclusions Table 24.2 Stakeholders for the mine waste project Stakeholder Board and shareholders Major issues
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A somewhat different set of multiple-beam fringes, produced by a Fabry Perot illuminated by a point source but lacking the conventional fringe-focusing lens after the Fabry Perot plates (see Figs. 6.2 and 6.17), was rst observed and used by Tolansky (1943, 1946). The utility of these Tolansky fringes is described in Section 6.7. The development of the spherical Fabry Perot interferometer (Connes, 1958) of general curved mirror laser cavities (Boyd and Gordon, 1961; Fox and Li, 1961) and of the scanning spherical Fabry Perot (Herroitt, 1963) paved the way for an elegant technique for testing curved surfaces with multiple-beam fringes preserving the localized precision (Herroitt, 1966). A similar spherical wave interferometer was also developed independently by Perkin-Elmer of the United States (Heintze et al., 1967) and SIRA (1967) of the United Kingdom (Biddles, 1969). A strong desire to test many spherical surfaces by multiple-beam fringes against a single surface or a few master surfaces, coupled with the existing knowledge of Williams (1950) interferometer, paved the way for this development. We describe such multiple-beam interferometers with curved surfaces in Section 6.8. Other developments worthy of mention in the eld of multiple-beam interferometry are the so-called dual interferometry and holographic multiple-beam interferometry. In the former, one combines the multiple-beam fringes with another wavefront in a dual interferometric setup to utilize a live Moire technique or to control the background contrast to advantage, especially while testing opaque surfaces in re ection by multiple-beam Fizeau (Langenbeck, 1968; Pastor and Lee, 1968). This is described in Section 6.9. The latter development can be exploited when one has already chosen to use holographic interferometry by modifying the system from two-beam to multiple-beam interferometry, as suggested by Matsumoto (1969) and Bryngdahl (1969). This is mentioned brie y in Section 6.10. For a detailed exposition of Moire and holographic interferometry see 12. Readers with broader interest on interferometry should consult the following review articles: Kuhn (1951), Baird (1967), Baird and Hanes (1967), Koppelmann (1969), Briers (1972), Malacara et al. (1975), and Vrabel and Brown (1975). For a good review on precision interferometric testing, see Schulz and Schwider (1976) and Hariharan (1991). Readers interested in Fabry Perot interferometer as a highresolution spectrometer should consult the books by Hernandez (1988), Vaughan (1989) and Hillebrands (1999).
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2883 MHz, is about 1.766, and the obtained CP bandwidths for lower and upper operating bands are about the same as those obtained in Section for design A. It should be noted that for operating in the 1.6-GHz band, the required patch size using the conventional CP design [16] is about 43 43 mm2 , which is much larger than that of antenna B here. This also suggests that, similar to design A in Section, design B has a reduced antenna size for xed CP operation. Measured antenna gain for frequencies in the lower and upper operating bands are presented in Figure 9.34. Similar behavior as observed for antennas A1 and A2 in Section is seen. Measured radiation patterns in two orthogonal planes are plotted in Figure 9.35. Good CP radiation characteristics for both operating bands are observed.
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more than a specified amount cannot be made arbitrarily small by increasing the number of observations the way described. This shows that the estimator is not consistent. Finally, the mean values of the parameter estimates and their estimated standard deviations show that the bias of the parameter estimates is negligible compared with their standard deviation. w
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Hard drives are now measured in gigabytes. The larger the hard drive, the more data it can hold and the more expensive the drive. Typically, onto a gigabyte of space you can save, on average, about 650 digital photos (assuming that they are each about 1.5 MB) or about 400 MP3 songs (assuming that each is 2.5 MB).
+ At) = g ( t c ) + W A dtT
where h is Planck's constant.
oLive provides prewritten JavaScripts (Actions and the Rollover and URL Pop-up Smart Objects) that do everything, or just about everything, you ll commonly want to do with JavaScript. However, there may come a time when you ll want to do something not yet accounted for or foreseen by GoLive. Fortunately GoLive, like the Web, is about evolution and flexibility, so you re not limited to using its prewritten JavaScripts. This chapter introduces you to GoLive s JavaScript Editor, a mini-application designed to make JavaScript creation easier for you. In this chapter, I show you how to place a script into your page, and then how to use the JavaScript Editor. I ve also included a short tutorial you can follow to write your first script. You ll find that tutorial in the Using the JavaScript Editor section later in this chapter. Of course, in order to write JavaScripts, you ll need to understand how JavaScript works. That s the topic of many a book in itself, so covering it fully is beyond the scope of this book. (You do want to be able to lift this book, I assume.) In order to get you started, though, take a look at Appendix B.
54. P. A. Belanger, A. Hardy, and A. E. Siegman, Resonant modes of optical cavities with phase-conjugate mirrors: Higher order modes, Appl. Opt. 19, 479 (1980). 55. A. Hardy, Sensitivity of phase conjugate resonators to intracavity phase perturbations, IEEE J. Quantum Electron. 17, 1581 (1981). 56. J. Schultheiss, Diploma thesis, University of Potsdam, 1996. 57. W. Koechner, Solid State Laser Engineering, 3rd ed., Springer-Verlag, (1992), 8.1. 58. M. Ostermeyer, K. Mittler, and R. Menzel, Q switch and longitudinal modes of a laser oscillator with a stimulated-Brillouin-scattering mirror, Phys. Rev. A 59, 3975 3985 (1999). 59. M. J. Damzen, M. H. R. Hutchinson, and W. A. Schroeder, Direct measurements of the acoustic decay times of hypersonic waves generated by SBS, IEEE J. Quantum Electron. 23, 328 334 (1987). 60. A. M. Scott, Brillouin induced four wave mixing, Laser Wavefront Control, Proceedings of the SPIE, Vol. 1000 (1988). 61. G. K. N. Wong and M. J. Damzen, Multiple Frequency Interaction in Stimulated Brillouin Scattering, Internal Report, The Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, 1990. 62. A. Kummrow, R. Menzel, and D. Schumann, Resonant emission of a solid state laser with stimulated Brillouin scattering mirror, J. Opt. Soc Am. B, submitted. 63. P. Narum, M. D. Skeldon, and R. W. Boyd, Effect of laser mode structure on stimulated Brillouin scattering, IEEE J. Quantum Electron. 22, 2161 2167 (1986). 64. N. Hodgson and H. Weber, IEEE J. Quantum Electron. 29, 2497, (1993). 65. V. Magni, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 4, 1962 (1987). 66. R. Menzel, and M. Ostermeyer, Fundamental mode determination for guaranteeing diffraction limited beam quality of lasers with high output powers, Opt Commun. 149, 321 325 (1998). 67. R. Menzel and H. J. Eichler, Phys. Rev. A 46, 7139 (1992). 68. R. A. Mullen, IEEE J. Quantum Electron. 26, 1299 (1990).
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