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Clinical Evaluation Setup Los Angeles County General Hospital Environment CR Modality PACS Server PACS WS CAD report on web Radiologist decisions 4 Web-Based GUI
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After each prompt, enter a number based on the size of the paper on which you plan to plot. AutoCAD draws a rectangle of the size that you indicated for the drawing limits.
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Figure 11-15
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gB r0 (g/cm3) (cm/GW) 2.202 2.355 2.332 1.6 2.83 7.09 2.510 3.179 1.190 2.9 2.5 5.1 6.5 29.85 24.9 2.74 1.02 2.15 4.11
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PC Magazine Guide to Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
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10: Preserving State With Query Strings
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Table 29-3 Frequently Used and IANA-Assigned TCP and UDP Ports UDP PORT NUMBERS APPLICATION Echo DNS BOOTP TFTP NetBIOS LDAP Mobile IP Who Talk Routed PORT NUMBER 7 53 67 69 137 139 389 434 513 517 520
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Network les don t work well if: The data does not represent a network. You need to validate the data. You need to perform queries on the data. You need to allow multiple users to frequently update the data without interfering with each other.
Figure 8-9: Before choosing Select Similar, select a few sample portions of the background for Photoshop to base its selection range.
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