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6: Spring Web Flow
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Using the Internet for Your WAN
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where dA is going to be positive since the wavelength is increased. The time between emission and reception is given by the light travel time dt = dr I c, and putting all that together gives barcode generator object
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The supporting module netrc is used to parse .netrc files. These files cache user information for various FTP servers, so that you don t need to send it to the host by hand each time. They can also store macros. The module provides a class, netrc, for accessing netrc contents. The constructor netrc([filename]) builds a netrc object by parsing the specified file. If filename is not provided, it defaults to the file .netrc in your home directory. The attribute hosts is a dictionary mapping from host names to authentication information of the form (username, account, password). If the parsed .netrc file includes a default entry, it is stored in hosts[ default ]. The attribute macros is a dictionary, mapping macro names to string lists. The method authenticators(hostname) returns either the authentication tuple for hostname, the default tuple (if there is no tuple for hostname), or (if there is no default either) None. The netrc class implements a __retr__ method that returns .netrc file contents. This means that you can edit an existing file. For example, the following code adds (or overrides) an entry on disk:
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Repeaters are used to give data the extra push it needs to reach POP QUIZ an endpoint. Transmission media has distance limitations before What does MAU stand for the signal experiences degradation, known as attenuation or signal loss. When the distance limit has been reached, instead of placing another switch, hub, or router in the path, a repeater is used. The role of the repeater is simple: it accepts data and then retransmits it to the other side. Copper and ber optic cabling are both supported by repeaters geared for the cabling type. Additionally, there are repeaters available for networks that use wireless as a transmission medium.
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On the CD-ROM
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9 Editing Your Drawing with Basic Tools
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5. B. Ya. Zel dovich and N. V. Tabiryan, The orientational optical nonlinearity of liquid crystals, Sov. Phys. Uspekhy 28, 1059 1070 (1985). 6. Iam-Choon Khoo and Shin-Tson Wu, Optics and Nonlinear Optics of Liquid Crystals, World Scienti c Publishing Co., Singapore (1993). 7. I. C. Khoo, Dynamics gratings and the associated self-diffraction and wavefront conjugation processes in nematic liquid crystals, IEEE J. Quantum. Electron. 22, 1268 1276 (1986). 8. H. J. Eichler, P. Gunter, and D. W. Pohl, Laser Induced Dynamic Gratings, SpringerVerlag, Berlin (1986). 9. B. Ya. Zel dovich and N. V. Tabiryan, JETP Lett. 30, 510 (1979). 10. O. L. Antipov, S. I. Belyaev, A. S. Kuzhelev, and D. V. Chausov, Resonant two-wave mixing of optical beams by refractive index and gain gratings in inverted Nd:YAG, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 15, 2276 2281 (1998). 11. O. L. Antipov, A. S. Kuzhelev, D. V. Chausov, and A. P. Zinov ev, Dynamics of refractive index changes in a Nd:YAG laser crystal under Nd3 -ions excitation, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 16, 1072 1079 (1999). 12. A. E. Siegman, P. A. Belanger, and A. Hardy, Optical resonators using phase-conjugate mirrors, in Optical Phase Conjugation, R. A. Fisher (ed.), Academic Press, New York (1983), p. 465. 13. B. Ya. Zel dovich, N. F. Pilipetsky, and V. V. Shkunov, Principles of phase conjugation, Springer, Berlin (1985). 14. O. L. Antipov, V. I. Bespalov, and G. A. Pasmanik, New possibilities of generation of pump-conjugate beams by stimulated scattering of opposed light waves, Sov. Phys. JETP 63(5), 926 932 (1986). 15. O. L. Antipov, Mechanism of self-pumped phase conjugation by near-forward stimulated scattering of heterogeneous laser beams in nematic liquid crystal, Opt. Commun. 103(5,6), 499 506 (1993). 16. M. Croning-Golomb, B. Fisher, J. O. White, and A. Yariv, Passive phase conjugate mirror based on self-induced oscillation in an optical ring cavity, Appl. Phys. Lett. 42(11), 919 921 (1983). 17. M. Croning-Golomb, B. Fisher, J .O. White, and A. Yariv, Theory and applications of four-wave mixing in photorefractive media, IEEE J. Quantum Electron. QE-20(1), 15 30 (1984). 18. S. Odoulov, M. Soskin, and A. Khizniak, Dynamic Grating Lasers, Nauka, Moscow (1990). 19. I. M. Bel dyugin, M. G. Galushkin, and E. M. Zemskov, Phase conjugation by use of a feedback for four-wave mixing, Sov. J. Quantum Electron 11, 887 893 (1984) (in Russian). 20. A. A. Betin, E. V. Zhukov, and O. V. Mitropol skii, Generation of illunination by fourwave mixing in scheme with feedback loop at 10.6 mm, Sov. JTP Lett. 12(17), 1052 1056 (1986) (in Russian). 21. M. J. Damzen, R. P. M. Green, and G. J. Crofts, Re ectivity and oscillation conditions of a gain medium in a self-pumped loop geometry, Opt. Lett. 19, 34 36 (1993). 22. V. I. Odintsov and L. F. Rogacheva, Effective phase conjugation in regime of parametric feedback, Sov. JETP Lett. 36(8), 281 284 (1982) (in Russian).
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14 Drawing Dimensions
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m m Nm rad/s2 kg/m s m2/s kg/m3 N/m2 rad/s
FIGURE 5.5 Measured radiation patterns at 1938 MHz for the antenna studied in Figure 5.3. (From Ref. 3, C 1999 IEEE, reprinted with permission.)
Table 37-4: The Toolbox Toolbar Buttons
The conversion of the phase equation to employ time as the independent variable is straightforward. Our pair of linearized differential equations is then
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