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If your machine has more than one network interface, set both of these parameters to the IP number of the interface upon which you want clients to connect. If you want to allow clients to connect on all interfaces or if you only have one interface, you can set the value of these parameters to *, which designates any interface. Save the file and exit the editor.
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Installation Quali cation Installation quali cation provides documented evidence that the instrument was received and successfully installed in accordance with the approved design requirements and properly installed in an environment suitable for its operation. Proper installation is the rst step to ensure that the instrument will function properly. An improperly installed instrument is likely to cause problems during the operational quali cation and performance quali cation. The following are some checks for the IQ process: IQ checks before instrument is installed: Verify hardware and software against shipping list. Check for visible damage. Complete site preparation check list. Health and safety precautions. Add the instrument to the instrument inventory list.
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was completed with the creation and publication of CIECAM97s (see 15 and CIE 1998). The TC1-34 analyses of the CSAJ data included calculations of RMS deviations in CIELAB space for the chromatic adaptation, Stevens effect, and Hunt effect data. For the chromatic adaptation data, the Hunt, RLAB, and CIELAB models perform similarly to one another and better than the others. They are followed, in order of performance, by the Nayatani et al., LABHNU, and CIELUV models. For the Stevens effect data, the Hunt model performs best, followed by RLAB, CIELAB, LABHNU, and CIELUV, which perform identically since they predict no effect. The Nayatani et al. model performs worst since it over-predicts the effect. For the Hunt effect data, the Hunt model performs best, the Nayatani et al. next, followed by the models that do not predict any effect (RLAB, CIELAB, LABHNU, and CIELUV). Additional analyses of the LUTCHI data contributed to CIE TC1-34 show that the Hunt model performs best, followed by RLAB, CIELAB, and then nally the Nayatani et al. model. The TC1-34 summary of the RIT direct model tests shows differing results for images and simple stimuli. For images, the Hunt, CIELAB, and RLAB models perform similarly and best, followed by Nayatani et al. and LABHNU in a tie, and then by CIELUV with the worst performance. For simple stimuli, the Hunt model performed best, the CIELUV model worst, and the others performed similarly in between those two. An overall ranking of the TC1-34 analyses results in the following ordering of model performance: Hunt, RLAB, CIELAB, Nayatani et al., LABHNU, and CIELUV. Analyses of the LLAB model for all of the data have not been completed, but it performs better than the Hunt model for the LUTCHI data and is likely to also do well on the other data. CIE TC1-34 concluded that no one or two of the published color appearance models could be recommended for general use. There were a variety of reasons for this. One of the most signi cant was that the models were still evolving and more tests were required to make strong conclusions. To this end, TC1-34 turned formulating a CIE color appearance model that incorporated the best features of the published models while avoiding their various pitfalls. That model, CIECAM97s, was recommended by the CIE for general use to promote uniformity of practice and further evaluation to promote the future development of an even better model. Ultimately this work led to the formulation of CIECAM02. TC1-34 was disbanded successfully after the publication of CIECAM97s.
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>>> Sixteen[1:10:2] # Every other element from the slice [1,3,5,7,9,]
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Sometimes the top-level domain names are speci c for a particular group or organization. For instance, the top-level domain name for the country of France is .fr.10
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Organizer: A salesperson who sells adventures to explorers. Ice/Rock/Jump: These refer to ice climbing, rock climbing, and parachute jumping skills. Quali ed : These indicate whether an explorer or guide has training in a particular skill. For example, if IceQuali ed is Yes, then this person has ice climbing training. Instructor : These indicate whether a guide is quali ed to teach a particular skill. For example, if RockInstructor is Yes, then this guide can teach rock climbing. Required : These indicate whether a trek requires a particular skill. For example, if JumpRequired is Yes, then this trek requires parachute jumping skills (for example, the popular Parachute into the Andes and Hike Out trek).
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Fig. 15-8 Heat dissipation area of an x-ray tube with a stationary anode versus one with a rotating anode.
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