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Spyware Info (Runs a set of well-used and moderated newsgroups and has a newsletter, Spyware Weekly) Spyware Warrior (Pretty nice general spyware site, but unfiltered) www.spyware
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If you have already applied any of these element selectors to your style sheet and need to edit them, see the Editing Style Sheets section at the end of this chapter.
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Although QoE is subjective in nature, at the same time it is very important to have it measured. Waiting for end-users to vote with their money might turn out to be very expensive for stakeholders. As such, a strategy has to be devised to measure QoE as realistically as possible. The top-down approach could be useful in this regard:
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Secondary or Disaster Recovery Site
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Many PocketPC devices come with 802.11 already built into them. Those devices have a utility that will let you set up the built-in wireless network card. Click Start and then Programs to locate the utility. Often they have a name like XXXX Wireless Configuration, where XXXX is the name of your device. If you can t find that utility, click Start and then Settings to locate a similarly named icon. In either case, launch the utility to configure your device. To use built-in wireless networking, you need to enter your settings and enable it. Do the following: 1. Open the Connection, tap Settings, and then click the Advanced tab. 2. Click the Network Card button, then the Wireless tab, and finally Add New Settings. 3. Tap the General tab and enter your SSID, if necessary. 4. Set the mode (Intrastructure or Ad Hoc), and in the Connects to box select Internet or Work. 5. Tap Authentication and enter your WEP settings, enable encryption (if desired), and then tap the Network Authentication (Share Mode) checkbox. Enter your WEP key into the Network key box, or click Key is provided automatically. 6. Close your Settings. For those PocketPCs without built-in wireless capability, you can add a Compact Flash Type II wireless card to them. Different wireless cards install in slightly different ways, but here is a general procedure on how you would add a card to a PocketPC that doesn t have built-in wireless capability.
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Much of the information contained in three dimensional biomacromolecular structures needs to be visualized in three dimensions in the same way that primary structures may be viewed as a unidirectional string of building blocks. It is necessary to interpret structure les with graphics programs, which trace atoms through three-dimensional space. These programs create a sort of optical illusion in that they actually present a two-dimensional view on the PC screen at any given moment in time. However, because the screen can be refreshed more quickly than the eye can detect, the impression of a three-dimensional view is achieved. The viewer can rotate, translate, zoom in/out and choose to represent some or all of the atoms/residues in a range of ways. Some very powerful graphics programs are available but many of these work in specialist environments such as UNIX. The following is a brief description of some graphics programs, which run on windows or Macintosh systems. Unless otherwise stated, they can be downloaded from the software section of the PDB (or from links listed there) free of charge provided they are used for academic not-for-pro t purposes (Tables 9.1 and 9.3). Once installed on a PC, these programs can be used to view structures downloaded from sources such as the PDB. This sometimes allows us to work off-line with both program and le on a local computer.
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You can incorporate GoLive Actions (prewritten JavaScripts) into your animation. To do this, you add an Action into the Action track the gray strip below the timeline numbers and above the animation track(s). You then set up the action just like you set up any other Action in GoLive. (See 18 to learn all about Actions.)
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Someone at Adobe said, Let the preference settings continue. And, lo, there is Guides & Grid, which can be accessed by all who press Ctrl+6 and viewed by all who cast an eye on Figure 2-20. This panel lets you modify the colors of the guides and specify the size of the grid.
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