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DBI_A3: The system design blueprints are stored here
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Figure 15-1: Digital camera le names are not descriptive.
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Starting the Consumer
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A second important way in which XML and HTML differ is that XML is much stricter about properly nesting and closing opened tokens. For example, the HTML <P> command tells a browser to start a new paragraph. Because this command cannot contain any text, there s no need to end it with a closing </P> token. The browser just assumes that the <P> token immediately ends with a corresponding </P> tag. Similarly, a browser assumes an immediate closing tag for a horizontal rule <HR> element, and assumes a closing tag for a list item element <LI> when it encounters another <LI> element or a list ending tag such as </OL> or </UL>. In XML every opening token must have a corresponding closing token. (However, XML does allow you to use a shorthand syntax for tokens that immediately open and then close. Just put a slash before the closing pointy bracket as in <Closed />.) XML requires that elements be properly nested. One element may completely contain another, but they may not overlap so one contains only part of another. For example, the following text includes a FirstName element. While that element is open, the text de nes a LastName element but the FirstName element closes before the LastName element does. (The indentation makes the overlap easier to see.) This violates XML s nesting rules, so this is not a properly formed piece of XML:
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Mass of household-type solid waste Mass of hazardous solid waste (from power generation) and other hazardous waste Material ows contributing to the anthropogenic greenhouse effect Material ows contributing to catalytic stratospheric ozone depletion Material ows with acidi cation potential Material ows with eutrophication potential
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processors among the groups that have remote communication is , then the reduction in execution time is as follows: Treduction = G ( , G). G (16.9)
180 170 -170 160 -160 150
$first_number += $second_number;
If you do not pass a filename to urlretrieve, a temporary filename will be magically generated for you. The function urlcleanup frees up resources used in calls to urlretrieve. The optional parameter callback is a function to call after retrieving each block of a file. For example, you could use a callback function to update a progress bar showing download progress. The callback receives three arguments: the number of blocks already transferred, the size of each block (in bytes), and the total size of the file (in bytes). Some FTP servers do not return a file size; in this case, the third parameter is -1. Normally, HTTP requests are sent as GET requests. To send a POST request, pass a value for the optional parameter data. This string should be encoded using urlencode. To use a proxy on Windows or UNIX, set the environment variables http_proxy, ftp_proxy, and/or gopher_proxy to the URL of the proxy server. On a Macintosh, proxy information from Internet Config is used.
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