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If all the Macintosh computer could do was print on an ImageWriter I dot-matrix printer, it would have died alongside the Osborne portable, and Mr. Gates would own much more of the world than he does now. The credibility of the Macintosh was not realized with the hardware (certainly not at 128K RAM and a single 400K floppy drive), nor was it with MacPaint and Habadex. In 1985, Apple Computer introduced the Macintosh-LaserWriter connection. With 13 built-in fonts and a hefty $6,500 price tag, the LaserWriter, based on true Adobe PostScript, was one of the great products of the era. With this introduction, the world of desktop publishing was born. Today, the de facto standard of almost all printing in the graphics industry is PostScript. Ninety-nine percent of North America and about seventy-five percent of the rest of the world uses PostScript for all high-end output. Adobe developed this page description language to accurately display from your computer screen to what the final printed output would look like. If graphics and fonts are included in your files, then PostScript is the only show in town. The Adobe PostScript language was responsible for the rise of so many software and hardware manufacturers. If you stop and think about it, PostScript ranks up there with MS-DOS and Windows in terms of its installed base. One feature of successful software programs is that they run on a wide variety of hardware, giving users some choice when it comes to hardware. The most successful software published today is MS-DOS and Windows. This software is successful because it permits a lot of flexibility. Windows is not restricted to a single manufacturer s hardware. Scads of companies are producing Intel-, AMD-, and Cyrix-based machines, and they all include Windows with the purchase of the hardware. The Apple Mac OS, until recently, was only able to run on Apple-produced hardware. This limitation may have been one of the reasons that prevented Apple from enjoying the same success as companies, such as Microsoft. PostScript also allows for flexibility in working with different hardware. With its device-independent structure, PostScript can accommodate many different printers, all with different resolution capabilities. For example, you can print to a 300-dpi PostScript laser printer or to a 3600-dpi imagesetter with the same flavor of PostScript. PostScript printing requires a raster image processor (RIP), which can be either a hardware device or software. The RIP converts the image on-screen to a bitmap page that can be printed on a PostScript printer. In other words, what you draw on your computer screen is defined in a language different from that used by your printer, and PostScript is like a language conversion utility in that it translates the screen image for printing. Integrity of data is critical when printing files. A glitch or hiccup can blow out a font or graphic on the printed page. Software applications compliant with PostScript experience much fewer problems because data integrity is adhered to strictly. This, in fact, is another advantage of using Adobe Acrobat. One of the applications used to convert your screen files to PDF is Adobe Acrobat Distiller. Distiller is like a PostScript engine in that it adheres strictly to PostScript conventions. In almost all cases, if you can distill a file with Acrobat Distiller, you can print the file on a PostScript device. As you read through this book, you learn how and when to use Acrobat Distiller.
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Items on the Start Screen
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Example Analytical Applications of NIRS
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3.3.1 The joint real normal probability density function
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We have now brought to an end our discussion of the linear transverse dynamics of the ideal accelerator. Thus far we have established the basic principles underlying single particle accelerator design. This is the framework upon which we will build in future chapters. We conclude this chapter with an introductory treatment of linear deviations from the ideal lattice, including steering and tune errors and adjustments.
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7. Start the LINE command. Follow the prompts:
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2. Navigate to open (double-click) the ImageReady- or Fireworks-generated HTML. 3. The entire image should appear on the page. Black lines mark the divisions between table cells and, therefore, image segments. The lines denote table cell divisions while you are in Layout mode, but won t display in Preview mode or in any browser. 4. Do a quick check to see that all of the slices made it into the Site Window; to do this, check the Errors tab on the right side of the Site Window. You can quickly repair an orphan simply by dragging it from the Orphans folder into place where you want it in the Files tab. If you choose to use this page and further develop it for use in your site, you re finished with these steps. You can then develop this page the same way you develop any page.
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Figure 25-24: You can include your rendered images in your drawings.
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Figure 26.4 Key element summary table (Figure 2.4)
Figure 13.8 Child axis.
7 Energy balance in humans
Figure 12.5. (a) Orbital interaction diagram for an s-cis diene and an ole n in the orientation for maximum overlap. (b) Interaction frontier MOs of an X:-substituted diene and a Z-substituted dienophile showing primary (I) and secondary (II) interactions.
Dark adaptation is similar to light adaptation, with the exception that dark adaptation refers to changes in the opposite direction. Thus dark adaptation is the increase in visual sensitivity experienced upon decreases in luminance level. While the phenomena associated with light and dark adaptation are similar, it is useful to distinguish the two since they are mediated by different mechanisms and exhibit different visual performance. For example, light adaptation takes place much more quickly than dark adaptation. One can experience dark adaptation when entering a dark movie theater after being outdoors in bright sunlight. At rst the theater will seem completely dark. Often people stop walking immediately upon entering a darkened room because they cannot see anything. However, after a short period objects in the room (theater seats, other people, etc.) begin to become visible. After several minutes, objects will become quite visible and there is little dif culty identifying other people, nding better seats, etc. All of this happens because the mechanisms of dark adaptation are gradually increasing the overall sensitivity of the visual system. Light and dark adaptation in the visual system can be thought of as analogous to automatic exposure controls in cameras.
Painting and editing Display crosshair cursor Revert image with magic eraser Select pencil, paintbrush, or airbrush Cycle through eraser styles Specify an area to clone Cycle through rubber stamp options Cycle through focus tools Sharpen with the blur tool or blur with the sharpen tool Caps Lock Alt-drag with eraser N, B, or J Alt-click eraser tool icon or Shift+E Alt-click with rubber stamp Alt-click rubber stamp tool icon or Shift+S Alt-click focus tool icon or Shift+R Alt-drag
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