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Ten years ago, when Internet commerce was just getting started, we (techies, I mean) spent a lot of time convincing timorous relatives that yes, it really is safe to order our birthday presents from Amazon. We were comfortable with the Internet and wanted, for a variety of reasons, to share that comfort with our friends and family. The Internet is neat. I d really rather send my grandparents email they get to hear from me more often that way. The convenience and cost savings of email, online ordering, online banking, and other cool stuff is irresistible. Now I m wondering if maybe we should have resisted. Then I realize how much identity theft happens without phishing and I get over it: e-commerce is only a little more dangerous than regular commerce. Of course marketing the drive for faster, prettier, shinier websites and applications shares a lot of the blame. In order to convince people it was safe, we made it ever easier to ignore or circumvent security precautions. How many times have you clicked past an expired or badly formed certificate Large corporations want the cost savings and the responsiveness of Internet business. The marketing paradigm has become If you link it, they will come, and links have been added to everything from emails to magazines to white papers, even while security experts hop up and down saying Don t click! Many corporate websites include ActiveX, Javascript, Flash, and other add-ins to plain HTML all of which have been used to carry malicious code. There s a lot to be said for the anti-Microsoft stance, too. I don t want to start a religious argument, but the facts are pretty damning. Many of the security flaws now being exploited are found in Microsoft code. Microsoft has worked very hard to become the dominant desktop operating system, and it needs to take more responsibility for its ubiquity. Just because security flaws are found in *NIX systems (including Macintosh) doesn t change the fact that Windows is what most people use and depend on. The automated nature of phishing attacks means that they target the most common systems available: Windows, Outlook, and Internet Explorer. In June 2004, CERT began recommending switching to a different browser because of a dangerous vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE). If and when another system becomes as widely used as IE, I hope we ll hold that system s vendor to the standard I d like to hold Microsoft to now.
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0 Multiplication of equation (A.97) by gm m H n and integrating give
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Appendix 111: proof of proposition 6
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A Partition Model
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In the case of our example circuit, the linear part is already a one-port Norton equivalent network (Figure 1.21). The currents owing into the nonlinear part of the circuit are computed as stated above. The time-domain currents are rst computed at each connecting port im,NL (t) = Gm (v(t)) m = 1, . . . , M (1.87)
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Wireless Access Point
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The purpose of the AspectJ Development Tools and Spring IDE s AOP support is to streamline the development life cycle of AOP-based applications; AJDT is built solely to support development with AspectJ. Although these tools suit the same requirements they both have different inputs to operate on. Where Spring IDE needs to work with XML AOP definitions and Java elements, AJDT only knows about Java elements. Therefore some new UI elements were needed. For example, the Beans Cross References view was introduced because AJDT s Cross References view only knows about Java elements. In order to enhance the working experience, Spring IDE contributes its internal cross-cutting reference model to AJDT s UI elements where possible. Currently Spring IDE contributes to AJDT s Cross Reference view (refer to Figure 11-13) and to the Visualiser. Visit the AJDT website at to get in-depth information about AJDT and the provided features. The installation of AJDT is not required for Spring IDE s AOP support to work. The tools are not directly dependent on each other. But Spring IDE enables certain features only if AJDT is installed; for example, the contributions to the Cross References View and Visualiser are available only after AJDT is installed. To enable Spring IDE s contribution to the AJDT Visualiser, select the Spring AOP Provider in the Visualiser s properties. The Visualiser can be opened from the Eclipse main menu like this: Windows Show View Others Visualiser Visualiser. Figure 11-14 shows the Visualiser with the contents of the cross-reference model from the preceding example.
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Retrieve the next shunting event
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WS Web Clients
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The traditional ways of direct-attached storage model will be replaced with a consolidated storage network with any-to-any connectivity and enhanced data availability. However, distinctions between SAN, DAS, NAS, and IP storage are blurring. All of these now rise to the challenge of meeting storage demands and offer fault tolerance, speed, and scalability. The three types of storage-over-IP solutions are iSCSI, FCIP (fibre channel over IP), and iFCP (Internet fibre channel protocol). iSCSI and FCIP are cost-effective solutions because you can use the existing IP network, but performance over IP is an issue. iSCSI enables storage access over IP networks for iSCSI-enabled storage devices or for SANs connected to IP networks using storage routes or IP-SAN modules. FCIP routers are used to transport FC data over IP networks so that they can be accessed by iSCSI-enabled servers or by another SAN fabric that has an FCIP router. Mirroring and data replication to remote storage devices can be done over IP, ATM, or SONET networks using FC-to-IP routers. Latency increases regardless of the technology you deploy. Gateway and fiber length contribute to the total latency. Applications that use long-distance links must always consider latency impacts. Adoption of 10 Gbps Ethernet will alleviate some performance problems.
Private f inancing (PF) is the term used when the private sector invests in the equipment and employs the workforce to provide a service to the public sector, including capability and facilities, rather than the public sector acquiring the necessary assets itself through
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Specifying the hatch type and pattern
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