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5.3.2 FINE /Turbo results The FINE /Turbo CFD solver was also used to perform the calculation of the PR18 compressor. Table 5.7 shows the overall results of the different computations. The mesh size for one of the computations was comparable to the default mesh size in the pbCFD study and an additional finer mesh was also computed by NUMECA. As shown in Tables 5.7 and 5.8, the calculated efficiency varies from one to two points below the measured value. These NUMECA cases were run with only the 90 degree bend at the inlet. Table 5.7 FINE /Turbo prediction results for PR18 compressor barcode toolkit
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Two hierarchical re nement strategies, illustrated in Figure 11.16, are supported in the Sierra framework: (1) the classical hanging node re nement illustrated by the upper sequence of quadrilateral meshes and (2) longest edge re nement [48] illustrated by the lower sequence of triangle meshes. In both strategies, an application selects and marks elements for re nement or unre nement.
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BRAND VALUES (Values communicated to target audience)
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The only difference is that include() merely raises a PHP warning if the file to be included can t be found, whereas require() raises a fatal error and stops running the script. Use require() if you re including library files that are essential to the running of your application.
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We now consider a classical approach to the numerical solution of (12.9) that we call the nite-difference (FD) method. Note that the method to follow is by no means the only approach. Indeed, the FDTD method to be considered in Section 12.5 is an alternative, and there are still others. Following (12.5) u(xk , tn+1 ) 2u(xk , tn ) + u(xk , tn 1 ) 2 4 u(xk , n ) 2 u(xk , tn ) = (12.93) 12 t 2 2 t 4 for some n [tn 1 , tn+1 ], and u(xk+1 , tn ) 2u(xk , tn ) + u(xk 1 , tn ) h2 4 u( k , tn ) 2 u(xk , tn ) = 2 12 x h2 x 4 for some k [xk 1 , xk+1 ], where xk = kh, tn = n (12.95) (12.94)
STEPS: Creating Lights and Shadows
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in reasonable detail. The Stage 1 estimate used the summary structure included in the current management reports (Table 20.4). The Stage 2 estimate was based on the work breakdown structure developed for the most recent estimate. Several other costs and contingencies were considered in the risk analysis in addition to those in the initial estimates (Table 20.5).
Double-click any dimension to open the Properties palette, where you can change the properties of that dimension.
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