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and inexpensively as market conditions change and new business opportunities arise. Participation in an adaptive business network puts companies in a position to remain f lexible, resourceful, and profitable in a constantly changing business environment. It allows businesses to meet the increasing demands of consumers who expect high-quality, personalized products designed and delivered in ever-shortening time windows, and to attract new customers and sales based on the ability to meet those changing consumer needs. The network helps reduce costs by streamlining processes to focus on what each participating company does best, and it allows all participants to collaborate dynamically with their partners to produce new and innovative products and services. In short, the adaptive business network provides new opportunities to: Increase profit margins. Set appropriate levels for inventory. Accelerate cash-to-cash cycles. Increase earnings per share. Improve the effectiveness of corporate expenditures. Capture a greater return on assets.
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irst-time visitors to the world of China manufacturing were often surprised by what they found. Imagining imposing, industrial structures and lth and noise, they expected to see something inspired by Charles Dickens, Charlie Chaplin s Modern Times, or maybe even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In reality, the working environment was not as oppressive, and the buildings themselves were simple in their design. Missing from so many of these companies were common signs of industry; in fact, there were few smokestacks and no factory whistles. In South China, the buildings were typically multistoried boxes made of reinforced concrete, the sort of bland architecture that brought to mind housing projects. What gave away these buildings as being industrial was that they tended to come in pairs. The factory was the plainer looking of the two, and its twin, the one with ashes of color, was the dormitory that housed the workers. Living in tight quarters, workers conserved space and kept their clothes fresh at the same time by hanging them outside their doors. On the drive from Kevin s pottery factory near Chaozhou to Shantou where King Chemical was located, I passed a number of such building pairs. None looked particularly inviting, but I wondered what
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Even when laws have been written down, they ought not always to remain unaltered.
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