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2.3 COMMON USAGE OF THE WORD POLICY IN NETWORK MANAGEMENT In the context of networking and network management, the term policy is often used in a wide variety of ways. This section examines the various ways that people use the term policy, and it nally arrives at a categorization of the different types of policies for the purpose of network management.
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A standardized, status report similar to the one used by the CI Council is ideal for the project reviews, but with more detail regarding the issue and how it is being solved. Typically a couple of Six Sigma tools are used to show the group how the root cause was determined. Each project presentation to the CI organization should take only ve minutes. This is also a great opportunity for the people who lead the projects to get exposure to a senior-level person. Once you nd the CI Leader it is time to ll the director/ project manager positions. These people will have responsibility for processes as de ned by the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) Process Classi cation FrameworkSM (PCF). The most bene cial structure breaks the PCF into three distinct parts from the end customer s point of view: They are Inquiry to Order, Order to Cash, and Management/Support. Exhibit 8.2 de nes these processes. We recommend having three directors/project managers, each responsible for several categories. One director would be responsible for all the PCF processes that make up the inquiry to order process, which would include PCF categories 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. The second director would be responsible for all the PCF processes that make up the order to cash process, which would include PCF categories 4.0 and 5.0. The third director would be responsible for all the management and support processes that make up the APQC PCF. The support functions include nance, human resources, legal, and so forth, and are PCF categories 6.0 to 12.0. These directors should be Six Sigma Master Black Belts and also be familiar with Lean and Kaizen. They must have previous project management experience. Good candidates for these roles are the CI Champions who led the BPI processes during the restructuring effort. The main responsibility of these directors is to review each project in their area and mentor the people working for them on the process and tools for Continuous Improvement. They should have weekly reviews with their team and daily reviews with those
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Switchboard S1 has a dual power supply with no coupler via two MV/LV transformers. Operation of the S1 power supply: one source feeds switchboard S1 and the second provides a back-up supply; during normal operation only one circuit-breaker is closed (CB1 or CB2). Switchboard S2 has a dual power supply with no coupler via an MV/LV transformer and outgoing feeder coming from another LV switchboard. Operation of the S2 power supply: one source feeds switchboard S2 and the second provides a back-up supply; during normal operation only one circuit-breaker is closed (CB3 or CB4).
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handover. In addition, all base stations included in the diversity set have to operate on the same frequency. As neighboring base stations transmitting on the same frequency interfere with each other, optional beam forming (AAS) and power adaptation functionality in the downlink direction help to reduce this unwanted side effect. The base station that is responsible for sending data to the subscriber in the downlink direction is referred to as the anchor base station. Apart from data transfer, the anchor base station is also responsible for the administration of the subscriber context. When an FBSS handover is performed, the new base station assumes control of the context. In the uplink direction, all base stations of the diversity set listen to transmissions of the mobile device. This requires a further logical synchronization in the radio network between the base stations in the diversity set, as all base stations have to schedule uplink opportunities for a mobile device at the same time. Each base station then forwards only correctly received frames to the core network. This requires functionality in the radio network to combine the different uplink data streams in order to forward only a single uplink data stream to the core network. The macro diversity handover (MDHO) is an even smoother form of handover. Like the FBSS handover, it is also optional. When MDHO is activated for a connection, e.g. due to effects such as deteriorating signal conditions, all base stations of the diversity set synchronously transmit the same data frames in the downlink direction. As all base stations transmit on the same frequency, the mobile device can either use RF energy combining or soft data combining to benefit from the multiple simultaneous transmissions. If the reception of one of the base stations in the diversity set becomes too weak, it is removed from the diversity set. Additions and deletions in the diversity set are performed by the mobile using MOB_MSHO_REQ messages. As several base stations communicate with the client device simultaneously, anchor responsibilities only have to be transferred to another base station if the current anchor base station is removed from the diversity set. If only one base station remains in the diversity set, the MDHO state ends and the handover has been performed without any interruption of the ongoing data transfer. In the uplink direction, the MDHO and FBSS handover behavior is identical. The concept of an anchor base station cannot be found in other systems such as GSM, UMTS, or CDMA. In these systems, handovers are controlled from a central controlling element in the radio network such as a BSC or an RNC. In 802.16e radio networks on the other hand, the anchor base station concept has been introduced because the base stations organize themselves. The functionalities of the radio controller node between the base stations and the gateway to the core network (e.g. an SGSN) have been partly put into the base stations and party into the access service network gateway (ASN-GW) node, which is further described in Section 5.11.
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3 3 < 1 1 17 < 17 three-phase short circuit three-phase short-circuit phase-to-phase phase-to-phase
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High Level Petri Nets
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2 Framework Registration
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Symbian platform
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N O N P R O F I T E S S E N T I A L S : M a n a g i n g Te c h n o l o g y
integrates with Google Analytics, and if it does, how it integrates. Poor integration won t help you, even if it is automated.
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