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For this case also we have Tn+3 = Tn and Un+3 = Un . Equations (12.24), (12.25), and (12.26) yield the signal flow graph shown in Figure 12.9. Thus the FFT algorithm can be applied for an array where the number of beams can be expressed as a product of two numbers. For more details the reader is referred to a standard reference of the FFT algorithm [1]. 12.3.4 FFT and Butler Matrix We have seen that an FFT algorithm can reduce the number of multiplication operations significantly for computing the FT of a signal represented by a series of
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In the context of issue identi cation, creativity techniques such as brainstorming and synectics may be too creative. So many potential issues may be identi ed that the project team becomes overwhelmed with the number of issues to consider. Nevertheless, certain features of these approaches are attractive for issue identi cation purposes, including: the involvement of individuals with a variety of backgrounds, withholding judgement about identi ed issues, utilizing the thoughts of others, and attempting to view situations from an unfamiliar perspective. More recently a number of decision-conferencing techniques have been developed (e.g., see Finlay and Marples, 1991; Marples and Riddle, 1992; Dennison and Morgan, 1994). Decision-conferencing techniques are designed to improve the ef ciency and effectiveness of group processes involving the exploration of problems and decision-making situations. Typically decisionconferencing techniques involve a facilitator and real-time computer support operated by one or more analysts. The facilitator manages the group s deliberations, guiding discussion in appropriate directions as necessary. Computer support may be used to help the group develop an understanding of the different aspects of the problem being addressed and to document the proceedings. For example, Williams et al. (1995a) describe the development of a cognitive map during a decision-conferencing process that was used to elicit an enhanced, shared understanding among the project management team of the reasons for project cost overruns.
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Human growth hormone (hGH) Increase stature Androgen therapy
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QtXml and QtXmlPatterns
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I nCT : U nVT
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In general, connection establishment and service initialization strategies change less frequently than the communication protocols and services implemented by an application.
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Figure 1.2: A business model can be used as the basis for defining the requirements on information systems. Ideally, the objects presented in the business models translate or map to objects in the information system. Normally, this is not a one-to-one mapping. One object or proc ess in the business model cannot always be translated into one object in the information system, since there are objects in the information system that are not present at all in the business model, and vice versa. This makes a direct mapping between the real world as described by the business model and the software system impossible. Nevertheless, even if a one-to-one mapping between the business model and the analysis model of the information system is not possible, the way the business operates and the functionality and design of the information system used to support it are more tightly integrated. Why Because an information system that is built to support the requirements of a process will offer the appropriate services. Using object-oriented techniques, the modeling concepts and the structures used in the business model can be the same as those used in the
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