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Bayesian approach uses this same likelihood function (albeit with the addition of a prior distribution on the unknown parameters (Gill 2002). Thus every point in this section also pertains to posterior summary.
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A note on the net: Although I focus on globalization that is tied to the Web, that s only the tip of the iceberg. International activity at your company s Internet site happens to be the most visible manifestation of worldwide interest if not demand, but satisfying that demand will involve every corner of your company. For some rms, such as General Electric and Renault, the Internet is already an active channel of global communication and commerce and these companies are actively integrating the Web with other corporate media and distribution. Other companies are just starting the journey. In both cases, globalization is a fundamental business issue that will reach far deeper into your company than just your customer-facing Internet marketing efforts. It will touch other distribution channels, integrate with your supply chain, and be plugged into your customer service systems, letting everyone in your company know that you re now a global player.
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The single-method dispatch interface strategy makes it possible to add new types of events without changing the class interface. However, to handle a specific event, this strategy encourages the use of C++ switch and if statements in the concrete event handler's handle_event() method implementation, which degrades its internal extensibility. Multi-method dispatch interface strategy. A different strategy for implementing the Completion_Handler interface is to define separate hook methods for handling each type of event, such as handle_read(), handle_write(), or handle_accept(). This strategy can be more extensible than the single-method dispatch interface because the demultiplexing is performed by a proactor implementation, rather than by a concrete event handler's handle_event() method implementation.
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Figure 3.4 Services towards the bottom of this diagram offer xed size bit pipes of coarse granularity, and the underlying controls for call set-up do not work in very fast timescales. Services towards the top offer exible pipes of arbitrarily small granularity and small to zero set-up cost that can be established between any arbitrary pair of network edge points. Fibre is technology neutral in the sense that the higher layer protocols dictate the details of information transmission.
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