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16 Another quirk discovered during this port relates to fonts. CWsScreenDevice:: GetNearestFontToMaxHeightInTwips() returns a font that is missing most of the ASCII characters on S60 3rd Edition but is ne on S60 3rd Edition FP1. GetNearestFontToDesignHeightInTwips() appears to work on both SDKs.
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with a process of asserted identity, as those who are subjected to minority status resist being singled out by asserting control over the imposed identity (Scott, 1990) The success of that self-assertion in the face of imposed categories will depend on public perception, public policy, and judicial decisions.
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Although this code works, the Hit_Counter implementation is unnecessarily hard to develop and maintain. For instance, maintenance programmers may forget to release the lock_ on some return paths out of the increment() method, such as when modifying its else branch to check for a new failure condition: else if (entry->increment_hit_count () == SOME_FAILURE) return false; // Return a 'failure' value. In addition, the implementation is not exception-safe. Thus, lock_ will not be released if a later version of the increment() method throws an exception or calls a helper method that throws an exception [Mue96]. Both of these modifications will cause the increment() method to return without releasing the lock_. If the lock_ is not released, however, the Web server process will hang when other threads block indefinitely while trying to acquire the lock_. Moreover, if these error cases are rare, the problems with this code may not show up during system testing.
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This technique only works if your company has a static, or unchanging, IP address. If your company does not have a static IP address, you need to exclude yourself from traf c using a different technique, which we describe at
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Exhibit 4.5
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Data point or symbol
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Sense again After delay IFS period
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3.2.1 The Radio Access Bearer (RAB)
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Trouble Is My Business
EAP method
Coping skills training
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