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The structure of the initial risk analysis of a civil engineering construction project assumed that the primary criterion was cost. Delay was treated as a secondary performance criterion and converted into cost equivalents by assessing (in probability distribution terms) a cost per unit time for delay during construction. Quality (performance in relation to the design speci cation) was treated as a constraint. When the analysis was complete, in terms of a representation that users believed broadly re ected the reality of
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The RGA libraries can be subdivided into the following major categories: graphics, multimedia and utility APIs.
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7: Advanced Analysis Concepts and Features
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OUTSOURCING Spinout of divisions or training of providers outside the rm could accelerate imitation by competitors. The existence of heterogeneity suggests that pack behavior with regard to outsourcing decisions is potentially dangerous.
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Although the metrics scorecard will track how the changes to the business are impacting business performance, risk management ensures that the business continues to move forward without suffering any major failures. If you don t have a risk management system, this is the time to build one. What function does this system play in the project and how important is it VERY! Let me give you a real-life example of what happens when risk management fails. My company was working on a restructuring effort for a technology manufacturing company, which had plants all over the world producing its products. As part of the project we conducted Lean Six Sigma reviews of the plants and scored them against standard metrics based on our observations. All of their plants were below average, but one plant in particular stood out as needing immediate intervention. The plant was in the process of implementing an enterprise-wide platform, which everyone thought was the answer to its productivity issues. We had conducted a thorough review of the plant, spent a week there interviewing all the plant people, doing walk-arounds, and so on. What we found was that the people felt that they were not prepared to use the system, which was about to go live any day. The employees had not been trained suf ciently on the program, and they were very hesitant and nervous about the transition to the new system. This was a huge red ag, so we went to the Risk Management Leader on the project team within one week of completing the assessment and asked for a meeting with the system team. The Risk Management Leader set up the meeting, and we reviewed our ndings. When we asked what the contingency plan was, should there be issues, we were told by the system team leader that there wasn t one and that the company didn t need one. At that point, the Risk Management Leader who also was an attorney at the company should have demanded a plan B, documented it in the risk management system, set up a weekly status with the parties involved to ensure business continuity, and continued to track progress. This did not occur.
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125) argues: All learning takes place inside individual human heads; an organization learns in two ways: a) by the learning of its members, or b) by ingesting new members who have knowledge the organization didn t previously have . One way, therefore, is to argue that the organization is a container within which individuals and groups learn.Another is to argue that the organization is both the subject and object of learning. And yet another is to maintain that learning is embedded in routine, everyday practices. The best-known de nitions of OL are based on actual or potential change in beliefs, behaviours, actions: Organizational learning thus becomes that process in the organization by which members of the dominant coalition develop, over time, the ability to discover when organizational changes are required and what changes can be undertaken which they believe will succeed (March and Olson, 1976: 78). OL refers to experience-based improvement in organizational task performance (Argyris and Sch n, 1978: 323). A continous process of information exchange (. . .) between a system and its environment, allowing the system to monitor changes and initiate appropriate responses (Morgan, 1986: 87). Organizations are seen as learning by encoding inferences from history into routines that guide behavior (Levitt and March, 1988: 320). A learning organization is an organization which facilitates the learning of all its members and continously transforms itself (Garratt, 1990: 77). an organization that is continually expanding its capacity to create its future (Senge, 1990: 14). An entity learns if, through its processing of information, the range of its potential behaviours is changed (Huber, 1991: 89). For a critique of the traditional psychological de nition of learning and a rst proposal for an alternative search of non-traditional ones, see Weick (1991). Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell (1991) identify 11 learning company characteristics: the learning approach to strategy, participative policy-making, informating, formative accounting and control, internal exchange, reward exibility, enabling structures, boundary workers as environmental scanners, inter-company learning, learning climate, self-development opportunities for all. In what follows I have been greatly helped by discussions with Elena Cetto, who wrote her degree thesis on the three authors. A total science of society must jettison both the mechanical structuralism which puts agents on vacation and the teleological individualism which recognizes people only in the truncated form of an oversocialized cultural dope or in the guise of more or less sophisticated reincarnations of homo aeconomicus (Wacquant, 1992: 9).
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