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Decidability and Complexity of Petri Net Problems
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Communication Systems for the Mobile Information Society
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where yTE and yTM are obtained from (3.51) and (3.54), respectively, replacing kxmn and kymn by kx and ky , respectively. 3.13 The self-impedance of a current element in an infinite array is defined as the input impedance of the current element when all other elements are not excited (zero current). It can be shown that for a rectangular grid of cell size a b, the self-impedance, Z11 , can be computed from the Floquet impedance using the relation (see 4) ab Z11 = 4 2
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Figure 10-38: medium power generator protection
Often the last term is ignored and voltage gain is given using Aj = 20 dB log10 vj +1 . vj (4)
16.5.2. Simple temporal networks A simple temporal network [DEC 91] consists of a set of real variables (temporal with a dense time) X and a set of binary constraints, Cij, binding pairs of variables (xi, xj). These constraints represent the distance between xi and xj and they have the form of a convex interval [cm, cM] where cm and cM represent two real variables or the infinity symbol with: c m x j x i c M . Many evaluations, for example such as that of the total duration of the scenario, are reduced to the execution of the classic Floyd Warshall algorithm [DEC 91] for the shortest path (or here the longest) in a graph. The simple temporal networks are typically used to solve problems of planning under a set of temporal constraints. The graph of precedence describes constraints of order between transition firings. Let us consider, for example, the graph on the left of Figure 16.10. It specifies that, for example, the firing of t3 must follow that of t1 because a token produced by the firing of t1 in the place C is consumed by the firing of t3. This graph can be seen as a simple temporal network where with each arc between ti and tj a constraint Cij with value [0, [ is associated, i.e. an arc (ti, tj), labeled by the name of a place p. It corresponds to a token produced by ti in p and consumed by tj. So, a temporal constraint I(p) = [dpm, dpM] associated with the place p in a p-temporal Petri net will simply transform the precedence constraint [0, [ into a quantitative constraint [dpm, dpM]. Thus in the case of a p-temporal Petri net, the transformation of a graph of precedence into a simple temporal network is immediate; it is sufficient to replace, for all the arcs, the name of the place containing the token by the corresponding interval I(p).
Identifying the Benefits of the Database Project
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