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The vast majority of native Symbian C++ code is executed, indirectly, from the RunL() method of some active object. As explained in 3, these active objects are non-preemptively scheduled by an active scheduler; that is, the RunL() functions are always allowed to run to completion before the scheduler selects the highest priority waiting active object to run next. This framework allows developers to implement multi-tasking systems and access resources asynchronously without having to deal with the complexities of multi-threading directly. Most of the native APIs make use of this, even if the active objects are hidden within a client library. This means that, to use the native APIs, an active scheduler has to be installed and started in the thread that is calling the function. In a native UI application, the application framework creates, installs and starts an active scheduler; it also automatically listens for events relevant to the UI such as keypad input and change of focus (e.g. an incoming call may force the application into the background). In a non-UI ported application or server process, code usually runs from a main loop, often using select() or poll() to respond to external events. If your code needs to use native APIs, it is usually necessary to create and install your own active scheduler. The code to do this is very simple:
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version control system A system that keeps track of multiple versions of the source code les and other project artifacts. It is common, but inadvisable, to use the terms con guration management and version control indiscriminately. A company should decide as to which meaning it will attach to version control and de ne the term relative to the meaning of con guration management. vertical prototype A partial implementation of a software system that slices through all layers of the architecture. It is used to evaluate technical feasibility and performance. It is also called a structural prototype or proof of concept. (Ch. 5, [5]) Vision and Scope document The document that presents the business requirement for a new system. This document covers the statement of the vision of the project, which is what the project will accomplish in the long term. The project scope description de nes what parts of the vision will be implemented in the short term. (Ch. 3, [1]) waterfall model A model of the software development process in which the constituent activities, typically a concept phase, requirements phase, design phase, implementation phase, test phase, and installation and checkout phase, are performed in that order, possibly with overlap but with little or no iteration. (IEEE Std. 610.12-1990, p. 81) web accessibility initiative WAI develops strategies, guidelines, and resources to help make the Web accessible to people with disabilities. (Ch. 10, [16]) white box testing A testing strategy that requires knowledge of the internal structure of a program to design test cases. The testing element is treated as a white or glass box. Wideband Delphi method A consensus-based method for estimating originated by the Rand Corporation. Multiple team members participate in estimating each other s task efforts until they reach a consensus. work breakdown structure An outline that organizes the tasks and activities necessary to achieve the project objective. WSDL An XML format that describes how to communicate using web services, including the protocol bindings and message formats required to interact with the web services. XML A markup language for documents containing structured information. (Ch. 6, [18]).
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Without this information, employees cannot distinguish between customers. They cannot deliver different services to different customers. They are operating without a commercial, business context. Thus they are bound to deliver mediocre service and experiences because they cannot justify doing a better job. The financial measures listed above will allow employees to use their judgment and apply it to their decisions and solutions. By having this information readily available, they are able to solve customer problems faster and more effectively and deliver service in proportion to the customer s value. Employees who are empowered with the right financial information are enjoying a better employee experience: they know that their employer trusts their commercial judgment. It is a symbol of their participation in the overall business responsibility. To complement the commercial information, successful customer-centric learning programs focus on several other aspects to ensure employee readiness. These aspects include:
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The Peer-to-Peer World
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Identify the issues
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4.3 The STLport, uSTL and Open C++
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Relative to the APM and PMI approach to the de nition of risk, the key to the difference is treating opportunities and threats or events, conditions, and circumstances as sources of uncertainty that cause risk, rather than as risk in themselves. A holistic and integrated approach to risk management requires this perspective, and risk management without it is severely crippled, be it project risk management, safety management, or any other form of risk and uncertainty management. Risk as de ned here has a downside variability focus, but opportunities as well as threats are seen as part of the uncertainty that needs to be managed source by source to the extent that decomposition of sources of uncertainty is useful. To maintain an opportunity management perspective it is useful to revisit Figure 3.2 in the augmented form of Figure 3.4. The basic idea is to move away from relatively inef cient plans like A in Figure 3.4 toward more risk ef cient points like B and hopefully to points like E . If achieved, such moves should be interpreted as captured opportunities, comparable with that identi ed in Example 3.1, with the RMP facilitating the hunt and the capture. Examples 1.1 and 1.2 also illustrate this kind of opportunity hunt and capture. Approaches to the project involving plans with a cost and cost risk pro le like point A will be in an incompetence region if it is reasonably obvious that they involve signi cant risk inef ciency in overall project management terms. The opportunity region represents potentially feasible improvements in plans that are not obvious. They require an effective RMP to identify them. The location of the opportunity/incompetence boundary and the extent of the opportunity region will always be subjective and debatable. But its existence can be conceptually useful. It helps to maintain a focus on upbeat opportunity management when the RMP is effective. And it puts into perspective an RMP that is crippled by a failure to address risk ef ciency in terms of a holistic and integrated approach to project management in toto.
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