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Tell them you work for a really stupid foreigner, I said. An American, someone who can be easily cheated. She knew what I was driving at, but it wasn t her style. It was not a very Confucian notion either. I was suggesting that she put aside any respect that she might have for me, all for the sake of a ruse. This could be done in the spirit of not giving up, I suggested, and I told Tina that she might consider it an experiment. Her boyfriend was a marine scientist who ran experiments at sea, and so she somewhat warmed to the idea of testing a hypothesis. Maybe another approach would generate a different result. After a moment to collect herself, she agreed that she would go back and give it another try. We met later in the afternoon. This time she was happier. When something amused Tina, her cheekbones moved high, and when she was truly amused it looked as though she were suppressing a case of the giggles. It wasn t a problem I asked. No, she said, bursting out in laughter. I told them that I work for a stupid foreigner. She showed me all of the catalogs the factory reps had given her. She had two bags lled with them. Tina opened one of the bags and showed me some of the marketing materials. She said that the company representatives that she spoke with gave them to her without hesitation after explaining her situation a bit more clearly. The idea of getting hooked up with a naive foreign buyer proved a fantastic temptation for these company representatives, and it trumped whatever other prejudices they held against Tina. The line worked so well, in fact, that her phone rang for weeks after the show with follow-ups from the tile factories.
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27. Our concrete proactor implementation overrides the pure virtual methods it inherits from class Proactor_Implementation: 28. 29. 30. class Win32_Proactor_Implementation : public Proactor_Implementation { public:
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sage in response to another message, the conversational pattern breaks down and confusion results. Note also that in threading software interfaces, there is often no scrolling display for conversations. Readers must click separately to open and read each message. Reading such a fragmented conversation is distracting, like listening to people talking over CB radio where every comment is followed by Over or Back to you. For busy people, screen-by-screen participation in a conversation can seem laborious and inefficient. Certainly not all groups are drawn to the long and extended conversations that are best supported by linear formats. When people are more interested in getting direct answers to specific questions often provided by one experienced person rather than a group the threading interface is considered easier to use and quicker to enter and exit. However, when people are more interested in posting their opinions rather than engaging in discussion, a threading format is more appropriate. Regardless of the format, the members of an online conversational culture need to be considerate in the way they use their interface. Clarity, brevity, proper use of the conversational structure, and attention to staying on topic all make for more productive and effective communication. Appropriate format is important, but the selection of appropriate tools should also consider the social characteristics of the groups that will use them. These aspects are especially relevant when the participants are new to meeting online, which is why some analysis of these cultural tendencies should take place before designing and formatting the platform for the group s virtual meeting place. Through our years of working with online communities, we ve developed a methodology for analysis that helps us to frame the interface needs of a conversational group. Such groups differ in ways that can be described along three overlapping dimensions, which describe their tendencies to converse, define common interests, and identify with each other.
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because Plot2 has not been defined. 297 "Server field name too long; cannot be more than 30 characters." Server Quote fields can be up to 30 characters long. This error will be generated whenever a server field with a name that has more than 30 characters is used. 298 "Strategy Information (for plots) function not allowed in a strategy." None of the Strategy Information for plots words can be used within a strategy. These words are designed to be used in other analysis techniques to refer to overall performance of the strategy. However, there are strategy-specific words that can be used from the strategy to refer to these figures. These words are:
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The situated curriculum of the construction site manager
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Many of the names of companies and individuals that appear throughout this book have been altered.
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Figure 6.7 Overview panel for the project manager and architect showing the assignment of modules to groups and group members.
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Workplace accident insurance institutes, management
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High Level Petri Nets
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