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costs of organizing within the rm will be equal either to the costs of organizing in another rm or to the costs involved in leaving the transaction to be organized by the price mechanism. Businessmen will be constantly experimenting, controlling more or less and, in this way, equilibrium will be maintained. (403)
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Figure 7.11: An insurance contract model specified in accordance to the Contract pattern. Had Alpha not used this model, it would not be possible to handle the different insurance policies independently. The company would have to rewrite the contract entirely if a change in just one of the policies occurred. To continue with John Doe: Two years ago, he decided to start doing all of his business on the Internet. In terms of his insurance coverage, this was not a problem because the Alpha Insurance Company had separated its contracts from their representations (using the Core-Representation pattern), meaning that an insurance contract could as easily appear on the Web as on paper. Related Patterns The Contract pattern is used to model the Contract element in the Business Event-Result History pattern. We described how to use these patterns together under the Related Patterns section for the Business Event-Result History pattern. The Product Data Management pattern can be used to extend the concept of a product specified in the Contract pattern, for example, if there are different documents attached to the product to which the contract pertains. The Product class in the Contract pattern and in the Product-Data Management pattern becomes the same class; the Contract pattern describes the modeling of contracts, while the Product Data Management pattern handles the documents attached to the product. The Core-Representation pattern, described next, can be combined with the Contract pattern to express the representation of the contract; for example, to shown the same contract on a Web page, in a written document, and so on. Source/Credit Contract patterns are covered in the Derivative Contracts chapter in Analysis Patterns by Martin Fowler (Addison-Wesley, 1997).
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Thirty-five thousand years ago, at the base of a cliff in what is now southeastern France, members of a nomadic hunting tribe crawled through a dark, wet, and narrow passage into a cavern. Holding crude torches before them, they groped deeper into the damp gloom, past the evidence of bears that had made the cave their home. They built a small fire to light the space, and after mixing clays and water for their medium, they painted depictions of the creatures they often encountered stalking the hills and river bottoms around them. Leopards, lions, bison, rhinoceroses, and bears were not the animals they hunted, but the animals that threatened them. These artists, in a chamber both frightening and barely accessible, were recording what they knew, for what reasons we 21st-century humans can t be sure. But as humans, we attribute some purpose to their deeds: to appease their gods, to appeal to the spirits of their predators, or maybe to initiate their young men as hunters. Clearly, those artists possibly our direct ancestors were intentionally passing along experiential knowledge of value to their tribe and their apprentices at the dawn of human civilization. We can imagine the conversations that took place around these pictures, in the cave itself, and around the tribal campfire. In the process of creating their message pictures, they were unwittingly leaving evidence for us, the future descendants they could never have envisioned. Knowledge sharing has become a natural part of our social behavior. Our ability to communicate defines our humanity, and our tendency is to tell each other what we know, especially when what we know is of interest to the other. Humans are also toolmakers and tool users. This book is about using the tools of the Internet to practice what we ve always known how to do, but in the context of the organization rather than the family or tribe.
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Special thanks to Melissa Davis, WEMBA 29 and former VP-IT at JPMC. ABC News. 2004. JP Morgan Chase plans to rehire 4,000. September 15. CNN Money. 2004. JP Morgan scraps $5bn deal. September 15. ComputerWorld. 2004. IT outsourcing could be an issue for bank merger. January 19. 245
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Basic Payroll. This training includes the fundamentals of payroll knowledge. The class usually covers the fundamental rules of wage and hour law, and taxation and fringe bene ts on both the federal and applicable state level. All payroll staff members need this basic knowledge. Intermediate/Advanced Payroll. This is for staff members who have reached this level in their job duties and
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2 2 be equivalent to vn (f2 1) in series with vn and Zs It would have a value (f2 1)NT /ga1 , where ga1 is the available gain of the source module. We know 2 2 this because the available gain is measured into Rs so vn delivers vn /(4Rs ) = NT . 2 Therefore, (f2 1)vn must deliver (f2 1)NT . However, the gain we are using for the module is its transducer gain into R0 . We need an effective noise factor feff for the interconnect that will give us the correct equivalent cascade input noise when we follow the normal procedure of dividing (feff 1) by the transducer gain, gt1 . Expressing this mathematically, we require
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Estimate variability
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