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Nightly Test Process In this process, the newly built application, WSDL document, web service, and client are automatically tested to verify that they satisfy all of the requirements and that no regressions have occurred in the functionality. All test cases should be shadowed from the source control system before they are executed. Any failures should be reported and monitored the next morning.
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We can interpret gt .x/ as the logarithm of the probability that over ow occurs and that it does so over a time t. Hence if x satis es (4.9) then the logarithm of the probability of over ow during a period of length t is no more than , for all t. g. Since it is the minimum of linear functions of x, the Let At D fx : gt .x/ right-hand side of (4.11) de nes a concave function of x and so each At is the complement of a convex set (refer to Appendix A for de nitions of concave and convex functions and convex sets). The acceptance region is A D \t At , as exempli ed in Figure 4.7. Note that since (4.9) is an asymptotic approximation of the true CLP, the region A is an asymptotic
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OUTSOURCING 2. JP Morgan Chase signs a landmark $5 billion, seven-year outsourcing pact with IBM in December 2002, and terminates it in September 2004 in favor of internal organization. 3. Knowles Electronics spends two years developing two outsourced suppliers of stamped metal parts, and then abandons commercial relations with both rms in February 2004 to set up its own operation in Malaysia.
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DO i=1,M xy=par2(ma(i),xp(i))-par2(pa(i),xp(i)) !mix from !ma & pa par2(keep+ix(i),:)=par2(ma(i),:) ! rst !offspring variable par2(keep+ix(i)+1,:)=par2(pa(i),:) !second !offspring variable par2(keep+ix(i),xp(i))=par2(ma(i),xp(i))-r(i)*xy ! rst offspring variable par2(keep+ix(i)+1,xp(i))=par2(pa(i),xp(i))+r(i)*xy !second offspring variable IF(xp(i)<npar) THEN !Perform crossover when !last variable not selected DO j=1,xp(i) par2(keep+ix(i),j)=par2(keep+ix(i),j) par2(keep+ix(i)+1,j)=par2(keep+ix(i)+1,j) END DO DO j=xp(i)+1,npar par2(keep+ix(i),j)=par2(keep+ix(i)+1,j) par2(keep+ix(i)+1,j)=par2(keep+ix(i),j) END DO END IF END DO par=par2 !_______________________________________________________ ! Mutate the population !Allocate arrays (block 3) ALLOCATE(temp_arr_1(nmut),mrow(nmut),mcol(nmut),ind2 & (nmut),STAT=status) IF(status/=0) THEN WRITE(*,*) Error allocating the arrays of allocation & block 3 of the main program. STOP END IF CALL RANDOM_NUMBER(temp_arr_1) mrow=CEILING(temp_arr_1*(popsize-1))+1 ind2=grade_up(mrow,DIM=1) mrow=mrow(ind2) CALL RANDOM_NUMBER(temp_arr_1) mcol=CEILING(temp_arr_1*npar)
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I am currently working on developing a brand-new product for auto dealers. The business analyst in my organization wrote use cases, but they lacked the ow of the whole system. To get the initial feedback from the dealers about the nal product, we hired a graphic artist to come up with a quick comp for the entire system and provide basic navigation between pages. These comps were developed as simple jpeg images, which were modi ed repeatedly based on the feedback from the dealers. We cannot use these comps in our code, hence they became throwaway prototypes for us. They were ideal for getting the user experience. Then there was another problem in which we needed to export some dealer information to publish on their website, with each website taking data in a different format and using a different protocol for communication (some use form post, some use ftp, some use e-mail, etc.). Since the requirement wasn t clear and was unknown for the future customers, we had to try out a system based on Microsoft s work ow engine, which was just to show that it would be easy to change based on this requirement. Once we understood the technology better and designed the basic structure for this prototype, all the subsequent detailed implementation was based on this initial framework. This is a perfect example of an evolutionary prototype. Atul Menon, Solution Architect
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Intent The Thing-Information pattern eliminates the focus -shifting that occurs during the modeling process by referring to two frequently used foci (thing focus and information focus) in business modeling and how they are related to each other.
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A second big shift that results from the adaptive business network is that decisions are made in response to information as it is received, and many of these decisions are automated based on a set of predetermined rules or controls agreed on by the network. Using advanced technology to automate decisions greatly reduces many of the costly delays that exist today as companies work with their suppliers and customers to serve the consumer. It enables companies to respond far more swiftly to changing market conditions. For example, the Soft-Drink Company, in an adaptive network with its suppliers, distributors, and retailers, might employ information agents to continuously monitor inventory levels by counting the amount of soft drinks sold in each store. These information agents very small, specialized software applications are linked with the point of sales system that rings up purchases at each store cash register. The information agents are also linked to decision agents that contain preset inventory limits. Each information agent indicates when a certain beverage has sold and sends the decision agent a current inventory total for that product. As long as the inventory remains above the decision agent s threshold, nothing happens. But if it s hot outside and cold drinks are selling fast, the amount of inventory might fall below the decision agent s threshold. The decision agent then sends alerts to both the distributor and to Soft-Drink. This alert notif ies the distributor to deliver more of the beverage that is selling quickly so that the store always has on hand the drink that customers are buying. The alert is first sent in the form of an electronic
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Fig. 8.12 Maximum sideband offset: determined by RF bandwidth at (a) and by IF bandwidth at (b). The IF is shown vs. equivalent RF.
Step 6
FIGURE 13.18 Noise equivalent circuit of parallel resistors.
Adding new enhancements and bug fixes should be straightforward. In particular, to avoid 'version-skew', changes should apply consistently and automatically to all members in a component family.
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