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understanding of what we want this relationship to produce for each partner two to three years from now. It requires a road map beyond the first sale. When companies restrict their warranties and guarantees to short periods, they usually behave as if the sale is over and they are moving on to the next customer. They act as if marriage is the endgame, not the beginning. They clearly send a message to the customer regarding their expectations from the relationship: short, quick, and profitable, and then you are on your own. Smart companies design a mechanism in which the sale is never over. They do not abandon their products the moment the customer signs the credit card slip. Their products are not orphans in the hands of unfamiliar parents. They retain ownership and responsibility for their products, and they make sure the customer is taken care of. They do so because it makes sense financially. If their products are in the hands of the right customers, meaning they made the right choice of customers, then most likely any support they provide will lead to additional business. This is something that they already planned as part of a longer relationship with the customer. By taking responsibility beyond the sale and assuming responsibility when things go wrong, companies are extending their experiences with customers. By extending the experience beyond the moment of the sale, they extend their relationships and potential business. Smart companies view sales not as an event to be recorded for the next quarterly results, but as a starting point of the relationship. Their actions after the sale is complete are even more critical, as the customers will need assurances that they made the right choice. The initial commitment they provided during the purchase is in contrast to all the other options they have considered but did not purchase. The post-sales experience and customer dialogue are all geared to provide reassurances and make customers comfortable with their choices. When they feel this comfort, they are more ready to act on the role you have designed for them, such as recommending, providing referrals, upgrading, or providing insight. Customer-centric companies realize that the courtship period is never over. In fact, it is intensified after the first sale. You now need to make good on all those promises you made, in order to establish a relationship that lasts beyond the casual one-night stand. Many such companies have recognized that focusing on the customer is not matter of degree but a matter of survival. You cannot be 55% pregnant or 34% in love. You are either in love or not. This is a 100% commitment. This is not just a commitment of one person or department, and this is where many failed. It is not a one-time program. It is a lifestyle. It is about your DNA, which guides your everyday operations
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If the probability distribution of returns for one portfolio rst-order stochastically dominates another portfolio, then all D1 investors will prefer it. We evaluate 1SD by rst restricting x [x*, x*], a closed interval. Assume that we have two uncertain prospects A and B de ned by their PDFs fa(x) and fb(x) with corresponding CDFs Fa(x) and Fb(x). For example, fa(x) and fb(x) can be the distributions of two competing portfolios A and B. An important question in nancial economics is to compare the portfolios despite the uncertainty associated with both. Denote the difference as Fab(x) = Fa(x) - Fb(x). Portfolio A dominates B if we have Fab ( x) 0, or Fa ( x) Fb ( x) for all x [ x*, x*]. (6.3.1)
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The previous section described at a high level the various usages of the term policy in the area of network management. Next, the different types of policies that are required to be able to capture all of these usages need to be de ned. This is one of the key steps in this chapter, since every policy in the remainder
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7. Social capital is any property (physical strength, wealth, value) which perceived by social agents endowed with the requisite perceptive and evaluative categories becomes symbolically ef cient because it exerts some sort of distance effect merely by ful lling socially constituted collective expectations. Those who ful l those expectations, or those, without having to calculate the matter, are immediately in line with the exigencies of a situation, enjoy all the pro ts of the symbolic goods market: symbolic capital is valid ever in the market (Bourdieu, 1980/90: 119). 8. The term disposition is particularly appropriate to expressing the concept of habitus because, on the one hand it refers to the result of an organizing action, while on the other it denotes a mode of being, a habitual state of the body, and speci cally a predisposition, a tendency, a propensity or an inclination (Bourdieu, 1972: 206). 9. This has two fundamental consequences: the rst is that the applicability of a norm necessarily depends on the content of that norm; the second is that norms in themselves are not suf cient to direct human action because they do not exhaustively de ne the components constituting the behaviour to which they apply, in the sense that it is always possible to nd behaviours which are not regulated by any speci c rule. 10. However, Gar nkel argues that in no case is the investigation of practical actions undertaken in order that the persons involved might be able to recognize and describe what they are doing in the rst place and those conducting the analysis understand the manner in which they are talking about what they are doing.This entails that the actors assume the re exivity of producing, accomplishing, recognizing and demonstrating the rational and wholly practical adequacy of their procedures; they rely upon it, require it, and make use of it (Fele, 2002: 62). 11. Note that Gar nkel does not view the context as an entity which exists before the action and determines it by means of norms; rather, it selforganizes itself with respect to the intelligible character of its manifestations. In other words, it is constantly reconstituted by actions so that it becomes at once the point of departure and arrival of the selfsame actions that constitute it (Nicotera, 1996: 53). 12. Although both theories are based on a distrust of universal concepts like social order, rule, norm or power, there is a fundamental difference between them. While Foucault s method investigates knowledge interactions together with power and the disciplining of society, ethnomethodology stops at its recognition of the institutionalization of social knowledge-creation procedures, although the analysis of social facts must nevertheless begin with the intellective, social, moral and commonsensical procedures which make those facts recognizable. 13. The expression structural properties denotes the most deeply embedded structural properties involved in the reproduction of social totalities. The
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6.3.6 The Future of OpenKODE
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themselves in healthy and normal personalities. The following section explores this continuum more fully.
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If we take a switched steps bank containing three banks each of 350 kVAR, separated from their associated switching device by 5 meters, and with a phase-tophase voltage of 5.5 kV, we have:
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