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Figure 7.7 The .NET framework
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Notice, the desired excitation coefficients E0 E1 E2 , and E3 are equally spaced samples of the Fourier spectrum F k . Mathematically we can write En = F n (12.17)
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W. Edwards Deming, quality consultant and author
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jDate: numeric expression for the date in Julian format. Value2 = JulianToDate(36457); {returns Date value of 991024}
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Other Challenges for Networked Software
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We saw previously that the value of the peak inrush current of a capacitor bank could be very high (especially for a switched steps bank). In practice, Schneider low voltage capacitor banks are fitted with contactors with an inrush current limiting resistor. This resistor prevents: the maximum peak current allowable I peak ,max =100 I ncapa , from being reached;
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What are your biggest achievements
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The Evolutionary-Neurodevelopmental Perspective
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