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Distributed Coordination Function (DCF)
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(Taylor, Klein, Minich, & Hack, 2000b). Signi cant group differences (with LBW children performing more poorly than controls) were found for list learning, delayed recall, learning ef ciency, rate and improvement of learning over time, and inaccurate recall. Group differences in rate of learning remained even when controlling for IQ, vocabulary, and neurosensory disorders. Language and social skills also may be affected, including fewer speech acts, fewer attempts at initiating interactions, inappropriate responses to social interactions, and less developed expressive language skills (Taylor, Klein, & Hack, 2000). Physical and motor problems associated with LBW may restrict participation in social and academic activities with peers, thereby leading to peer interaction dif culties and possible emotional problems (G. P. Aylward, 2002). Preterm birth and LBW appear to be related to de cits in ne motor skills, gross motor skills, total motor skills, and visual-motor integration at 4 years of age, with the greatest impairment in these areas among preterm children with neurological illness (e.g., seizures, hydrocephalus, intraventricular hemorrhage; M. C. Sullivan & McGrath, 2003). Motor skills de cits typically involve the legs and trunk, depending on the degree of hemorrhage into the descending white matter tracks. There also is evidence to suggest that children with LBW are at much higher risk for developmental coordination disorder than normal children; in one study, about 50% of ELBW children assessed at 9 years of age met diagnostic criteria for this disorder (Holsti, Grunau, & Whit eld, 2002). In light of these multiple constructs implicated with LBW, it is not surprising to see higher rates of learning disabilities and academic dif culties among LBW children when compared with full-term children; higher rates have been observed for reading disabilities, math disabilities, and combined reading/math disabilities (Litt, Taylor, Klein, & Hack, 2005). In a subsample of preterm children with neurological illness, about 45% received speech-language services and about 25% received special education services for learning disabilities by age 8 (M. C. Sullivan & McGrath, 2003). Given the ne motor skill component required for academic tasks involving handwriting, it will be important for future research to explore the role that motor skills de cits play in math and spelling dif culties. In sum, with regard to research on the short-term consequences of LBW, there is much inconsistency in ndings due to methodological limitations of existing studies (e.g., small heterogeneous samples of children with LBW, different designs and measures used in different studies). Some of the more consistent cognitive and behavioral outcomes across studies, based on differences when compared to control groups, include lower scores on intelligence tests (with an average of about 11 points lower than controls), increased prevalence of externalizing (e.g., hyperactivity, oppositional-de ant behaviors) and internalizing (e.g., depression, anxiety) behaviors, and increased risk for developing attention problems or Attention-De cit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Bhutta et al., 2002). These cognitive and behavioral problems, in conjunction with the physical health problems often experienced by children with LBW, may contribute to increased parental and family stress, especially during the rst few years of the child s life (Bhutta et al., 2002; Saigal & Doyle, 2008), which may in turn lead to more negative long-term outcomes for the child.
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The days of the old time payroll clerk or paymaster sitting behind the lone desk counting out the cash for the pay envelopes and marking everything down in a ledger while wearing a green visor is long gone. Today the payroll professional uses state-ofthe-art computer software to produce checks and record transactions. Record keeping is even going paperless, with payroll departments recording time and attendance via computer programs. Employees today can even complete a Form W-4 online and submit it directly to the payroll department via an intranet program without ever touching a paper form. But one thing that has not changed in fact, the need for it has increased over the years is security in the payroll department, the need to keep the records con dential and secure. And in these times, it is also critical to keep the staff secure as well. No longer can that payroll clerk of yesteryear just lock up the ledger in the old safe and go home for the night. The pay128
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Emotional/Behavioral functioning
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In the structure corresponding to a particular DLL, we store a pointer to the struct containing WSD data (globals, above).
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The Cognitive Perspective
Giving/receiving trust Constant attention Safety Preventive capacity
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