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Common threads run throughout the frameworks already described. For the purposes of the business case analyses, I use TCE as the basic platform for characterizing the transactions and setting the backdrop for both outsourcing and insourcing decisions, examining uncertainty factors and speci city. Evidence of opportunism or agency issues will be taken as holdup problems in action. Things change is certainly a generic statement, capturing all manner of temporal issues. As best as possible, I will try to 230
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Nervousness, agitation, lethargy (24) Schizophrenia a nonresponse (36) Polyneuritis (16)
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Analyze page performance based around the directory structure (real or virtual) you use on your site. See which pages visitors see first when they arrive at your site Shows which pages visitors view last before they leave your site. Visualize your site s performance by looking directly at the site itself. See where visitors go when they reach your site.
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long as the therapist seems to hold out, the borderline continues to exacerbate and regress. Alternatively, the subject may genuinely improve but then suddenly regress as termination approaches. To arrive at a healthy state implies the need to end the clienttherapist relationship, which then leaves the subject feeling abandoned and fearful. Again, pathology is the solution, at least from the subject s perspective. The best way to stop these cycles is to prevent them from starting. Whereas the borderline believes the problem is not enough love and attention, the therapist should offer an agreement in strength-building (Benjamin, 1996, p. 134). Limits should be set and maintained. Refusals to meet classic borderline manipulations can be excluded in advance by putting them into the overall mission of therapy, the road to health, as a larger context. For example, the therapist might say, You re right that I won t be willing to talk with you whenever you call. . . . The reason is that . . . your pattern now is to be very needy . . . if I were to do what you want in the way you want, you would become weaker, not stronger (p. 134). This approach establishes boundaries while affirming the subject, thus the borderline cannot feel ignored or abandoned. As therapy progresses, phone calls and extra sessions must be limited. The focus must be on the subject s strengths and how these strengths can be brought to bear in the given situation. Self-consciously keeping this goal in mind helps therapist and subject remain focused on the pathology as the enemy and keeps therapy from degenerating into the chaos of the borderline s other relationships. Once maladaptive patterns are recognized, therapy can block their perpetuation. For example, Benjamin (1996, p. 136) holds that borderlines give up their self-destructive behaviors if they can divorce their internalized abusive attachment figures. Fantasies can be examined to determine who is appeased by injury to the self. Next, the link between the present and past can be weakened with penetrating questions, such as, Do you love this person enough to give him or her your self-destruction Alternatively, a dislike of the internalized image can be fostered or an attachment to someone else can be fostered to replace its influence. Writing in Beck et al. (1990), Pretzer suggests that although borderlines exhibit many cognitive distortions, dichotomous thinking is especially prominent. An attachment figure may be seen as either totally accepting or completely condemning, for example. Because emotion and thought are so closely linked, such black-and-white appraisals lead to proportionately intense emotional reactions, throwing borderlines lives into desperate panic and their interpersonal relationships into turmoil. The first time the subject feels ignored, his or her appraisal changes, and the attachment figure is saturated with absolute evil. Likewise, borderlines cannot feel somewhat guilty, only totally bad and worthless. Because no shades of gray exist, more adaptable reactions simply are not available. As such, a strong therapeutic alliance is particularly important, for the therapist is easily classified as completely malevolent or untrustworthy as well. With this foundation, the therapist can help the subject test reality in areas where dichotomous thinking dominates. For example, the individual can be asked to define the elements that go into being trustworthy and untrustworthy. Once an adequately complex definition is achieved, actual persons in the subject s life can be evaluated and shown to occupy a position somewhere between these polar opposites. With practice, borderlines can learn to identify automatic thoughts that caricature the interpersonal world, thus paving the way toward a new and more realistic way of experiencing others: Not everyone will criticize, hurt, or abandon you. If successful, existing relationships should settle down somewhat, and new relationships get a more realistic beginning. The same holds for the borderline s self-image. By refuting dichotomous images of themselves,
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Let us take the example of a generator with a synchronous impedance X d =300% . The minimum permanent short-circuit current is therefore 1 I sc = I n , hence I sc =0.33I n . X d (%) Due to the synchronous impedance being very high, the impedances of the cables and transformers downstream of the generator are negligible and do not therefore influence the value of the permanent short-circuit current. For the same reasons, upon occurrence of a short-circuit, the voltage measured at the location point of the generator is very low, i.e. lower than 0.2 Un . If the threshold Iso is set at 1.2 In , upon occurrence of a short-circuit downstream of the generator with the voltage dropping to a value lower than 0.2 Un , the current threshold takes on the value I s = 0.2 I so , thus I set = 0.24 I n . The minimum short-circuit current is equal to 0.33 In and the protection is therefore activated. The protection may be either of the definite time or inverse time type. Operating example: the Schneider Sepam 2000 The protection is activated when one, two or three of the phase currents reach the current threshold corrected by the voltage. The current threshold is corrected by the voltage measurement in the following way: I set = I so for U 0.8 U n
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where uses cycle units for phase to cancel the same units in f , giving T time units. We again must consider how we should obtain these values from S . If the jitter of interest is a comparison between zero crossings seen on an oscilloscope at some delay Tm after a synchronized zero crossing, as in Fig. 9.24, then the phase noise of interest is that which changes the phase over Tm . (Tm may be just one period of the wave.) This has been given as (Egan, 2000, p. 506; Drakhlis, 2001)
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TX_Ref: a numeric expression representing the object identification number Returns: status code indicating whether or not operation was successful Text_Delete(3); {deletes text object number 3} Value1 = Text_Delete(2); {returns status code after deleting text object 2}
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Academic abilities were in the average to superior range. No learning disabilities were indicated. He performed better on basic and rote memory tasks. Signi cant dif culties were noted with visual-perceptual and visual-constructional skills as well as motor planning and organization. John exhibited slowed mental processing speed, especially with visual-perceptual tasks. Psychomotor speed was slowed across hands, with greater dif culty with his left hand (nondominant). Signi cant problems with visual memory processes, retrieval functions, and higher level memory organization were identi ed. In addition, John evidenced dif culties with problem-solving skills and mental exibility (perseveration and set shifting). Per parent and teacher report, John has continued dif culties with poor motivation and limited social interaction as well as problems with attention and anxiety. Behavior observations were consistent with at affect, poor eye contact, limited conversation, and limited social interaction.
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Control costs
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The potential applications of the technology and information resources of the HGP in pharmacologic research and medical practice have been extensively discussed (Collins and McKusick, 2001; Roses, 2001; McLeod and
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