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If you encounter no difficulties with these questions, you may wish to be somewhat braver and ask whether the reference would recommend the consultant to a colleague, given a similar situation. Interpreting responses is always difficult. None of us likes to be critical of a nice person, so we try to think up positive comments.We mention what a pleasing personality the consultant had, how punctual he was, and similar comments that really do not answer the questions.When you suspect that a reference has to reach to think of something positive to say, it is important to pay attention to what is not being said. Sometimes it helps if you say out loud what you think the reference may be thinking. For example, you might say I had the impression that Ms. Jones does not feel comfortable working with a large group.Was that your experience In the end, the Pleasantville search committee identified two consultants who seemed best able to meet their needs. Since travel costs for one would be substantially lower than for the other, budget was the final deciding factor. It is important to note that the group did not allow cost to influence its decision until near the end. Occasionally, when the budget is inflexible, as when the consultant s fees are being paid from grant funds, it is not worth spending time interviewing consultants you know you cannot afford. However, even then, applicants will sometimes lower their fee if they understand your situation.
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As with all other technologies discussed in this book, security is of primary importance for 802.16 systems. Network operators require protection against fraudulent use and users need security measures to prevent third parties from using their subscription and generating costs for services they did not use. Furthermore, security mechanisms also have to ensure that the user s data cannot be intercepted and decoded by anyone but the network and the user by listening on the air interface. Similar to other wireless systems, security is achieved by user authentication during the network entry procedure and on a periodical basis for the duration of the connection. To protect transmitted data, encryption is used with an individual ciphering key per user. Methods to protect users against other users of the network who might try to hack into their systems is, as in other wireless systems, not specified and left to the network operator or the users.
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fall on elevated and level plateaus. You may not be able to see these parameters clearly by looking at the chart. You can change the chart view by going under the Chart menu and selecting 3-D view. We personally like to look down on the chart from an above perspective (an aerial view). This perspective allows you to see all of the peaks, valleys, and plateaus. If you optimize more than two parameters, then it is impossible to visually determine parameter robustness. If you only optimize one parameter, you can do away with the PivotTable procedure and simply use the charting wizard in Excel. The more parameters you optimize, the higher the likelihood of curve fitting and overoptimization. If you have your heart set on optimizing more than two parameters, then do it in a stepwise fashion. Determine your two most important parameters and optimize and analyze for robustness. Once you select the most robust combination, optimize the other parameters and so on. Just be careful and don t fool yourself. We all know the true test is the test of time. How a strategy performs after it is developed gives the most insight into the true validity of the strategy. Optimizing parameters over the entire history of a market does not allow for a walk-forward test. A walk-forward test involves testing over data that was not used during the back test or strategy optimization. When searching for optimum parameters, we like to cut our historic database in half. The first half of the data is dedicated to back testing and optimization. The second half of the test is
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2.2.3 MWIF
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Object Synchronizer [SPM99]
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Table 4.5 Structure member mask state stateMask iItem iSubItem pszText
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(The imaginary parts in the denominator cancel since the impedances are conjugate.) Since the gain is de ned with respect to the voltage across R11 , the input match during test is not signi cant here. From Eq. (2) we can obtain the internal parameter a in terms of the tested transfer function aT . Substituting a from Eq. (2) into Eq. (1), we obtain the transfer function in the cascade relative to the tested transfer function for the module: aj = aTj 2R11(j +1) . Z22j + Z11(j +1) (3)
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