where the uppercase A with subscripts is the new notation. Aij denotes a submatrix formed by erasing ith row and jth column from the original A. For example, a21 A13 = a31 a22 . a32 (8.1.6)
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Most of this training will be done by group leaders. Occasionally, however, it is a good idea to bring in a professional from the outside who can rev up enthusiasm and bring the group information about recent developments.What about training materials All computer users will need study materials for workshops. In addition, they will need manuals and written instructions near at hand when they are doing their work.This means that you will probably need a materials budget to cover photocopying, as well as commercial materials.You may also want to purchase some videos or DVDs that demonstrate basic Windows skills. Once again, these plans must be condensed into a set of objectives, accompanied by a timeline and a budget.
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If your site includes links to other organizations, remember that their Web addresses (URLs) may change. Few experiences are more frustrating than clicking on a link that does not work. Like updating current events, you do not want to pay a consultant just to check links, and it is not even necessary to check each of them manually. You should have no problem finding freeware or shareware link checkers at software download sites like PC World and Software.com on the Web.Although they are easy to use, someone must remember to run them frequently. Once you commit to maintaining a website, it must be viewed as a real part of your organization.
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became slack jawed made me think the stones might not be real. When one woman, a tall redhead, stopped and looked dispassionately at the display, I asked her if she thought they were. They re real all right, she said, surprised that I would be working at the exhibition but did not seem to know the difference. She then explained how you could tell. It had to do with how the light refracted from the diamonds. I thanked her for the easy lesson, and I asked her what she was doing at the show. She was from Dallas, Texas, but worked primarily out of Africa. Her business had her joining safaris there, and she sought out a particular kind of high-end adventure, one that put her in the company of big-game hunters who were spectacularly wealthy. On these hunting trips, she wore jewelry she had designed herself. Looking at just the necklace she wore, I could imagine her decked out in a safari out t with jewels dangling about her neck, ears, and wrists, while holding an elephant gun. Most of the participants on these adventures were married men who, by the end of their trips, felt rather guilty about spending $100,000 on a safari and returning home empty-handed. More often than not, she said, someone from the hunting party would ask her to have something made for his wife back home. I have the piece made up while we re all still in Africa and have it sent by FedEx. If the timing is just right, the package arrives just as he s walking through the door. She said that she was in the business of saving marriages. It was a fascinating career that she had made for herself, I thought the opportunity to work abroad, while meeting new people. You heard about what happened at the show she asked. That morning, a gang of con artists from South America had walked away with a small case of diamonds stolen from a Belgian diamond merchant. Two of the criminal group had posed as a married couple, while another pair pretended to be wholesalers. With the merchant s attention diverted, a fth went into the booth and lifted the diamonds. Everyone was talking about the case, and the gang was said to have walked away with over a million dollars worth of diamonds. Allowing someone else to take my place in the Plotnick exhibit, I went to where the robbery had taken place with my new friend. Hong Kong police of cers were hovering about, while a number of
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As can be seen in this case study of George, the most important information gained from the assessment is not the diagnosis of Angelman syndrome that is based on genetic testing. It also probably was not necessary to do a comprehensive neuropsychological examination to determine that George met criteria for severe mental retardation. What is gained, however, from the comprehensive assessment is awareness of George s strengths (socialization), which can be built on in planning his intervention, particularly in language and communication areas. Similarly, understanding of Angelman syndrome provides some suggestions of what behavioral issues to anticipate (rituals, compulsions), and can inform proactive interventions in this regard. As noted in the recommendations, because of the complexities associated with Angelman syndrome, maximizing George s outcome will require collaboration of parents, teachers, medical personnel, and related services personnel, in and out of the school setting.
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and control of reciprocal social communication and activity. What they find within themselves is hardly rewarding a barren, colorless void that offers no basis for joyful fantasy. Their inner personal world proves to be as dead and ungratifying as objective reality. They have no choice, so it seems, but to turn to unreal fantasies. These, at least, might fill in the void and give their existence some substance. Interest moves toward the mystical and magical, to needed illusions and ideation that enables the person to become a central, rather than a peripheral and insignificant, figure. In an effort to minimize their awareness of external discomfort, avoidant-based schizotypals turn inward to fantasy and rumination, but this also proves to be selfdefeating. Not only are their inner conflicts intense, but they spend much of their reflective time reliving and duplicating the painful events of the past. Their protective efforts only reinforce their distress. Moreover, given their low self-esteem, their inner reflections often take the form of self-reproval. They not only fail to gain solace from themselves but also find that they cannot readily escape from their own thoughts of selfderogation, from feelings of personal worthlessness and the futility of being themselves. In an effort to counter these oppressive inner thoughts, they may seek to block and destroy their cognitive clarity, that is, to interfere with the anguish of their discordant inner emotions and ideas. This maneuver not only proves self-defeating, in that it diminishes their ability to deal with events rationally, but further estranges them from communicating effectively with others. Even more destructive self-reproval and cognitive interference alienate them from their own existence. Having no place to go, they begin to create a new, inner world one populated by magical fantasies, illusions, telepathic relationships, and other odd thoughts that provide them with not only an existence but one that is more significant and potentially rewarding than that found in reality. Feelings of being hollow, empty, decaying, or dead inside, for example, caricature the depersonalized passive-detachment of the schizoid pattern. Lacking energy and initiative, these individuals neither engage others nor generate anything to fill their own internal void, like Matthew. Eventually, they exist only as living absence. Likewise, individuals who claim access to special modes of information and privileged dimensions of reality caricature the active-detachment of the avoidant, for whom hypervigilance and the construction of a withdrawn fantasy life are core traits. As the structural defect becomes more profound, it finally destroys integration itself as the defining characteristic of personality. Only the negative and positive symptoms of schizophrenia remain, residuals of the passive and active detachment of the schizoid and avoidant personalities (see Figure 12.2). Table 12.1 summarizes the total schizotypal pattern in terms of eight clinical domains.
Developing a formal project management plan requires that the buyer and vendor each assign a dedicated team or, at minimum, a dedicated internal BPO champion to design the plan, manage the project on an ongoing basis, and implement changes as needed.2 Although this function adds short-term costs to the outsourcing project, it will usually prove to be less costly in the long run because issues can be anticipated, managed, and controlled before they become major problems. In general, project management costs should not exceed 7 percent of total project costs.3 Whether to use an individual or team approach to project management depends on several factors. For example, a far more intensive, team-based approach may be necessary to manage an offshore outsourcing relationship than an onshore one. Offshoring often brings a range of issues not generally encountered with an onshore relationship. Cultural differences, language differences, and time zone differences are just three of the variables that distinguish an offshore BPO project.4 These are not minor distinctions, and they generally require additional resources to manage compared to an onshore project. Another major distinction in outsourcing projects is whether the buyer is managing a single or multiple vendors. Complications arise in managing multiple vendors. For example, it may be necessary to establish more than one BPO champion or project management team to deal with each vendor. This creates a further need to integrate the various project managers to make sure they are communicating and sharing best practices and lessons learned.5 However, a team-based approach can lead to problems of accountability if there are no one-to-one links between individuals and discrete project management responsibilities. That is, even when a team approach is used, individual team members should be assigned clear responsibilities for particular aspects of the project, and they should have clear reporting channels. Exhibit
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