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I ve read somewhere that if California were a country in its own right, it would be something like the sixth or seventh largest country in the world. On the other hand, it s not as densely populated as most European countries, so I d hazard a guess that it has only a tenth of the population of the UK or France, so it would have around five million people living there. Thinking about the people that I know, I d say that a lot of middle class people are drinking bottled water so maybe one in three people in the UK drinks a bottle of water a day. But the question was about carbonated water. As most people seem to drink still water rather than fizzy, I d estimate that only one in four bottles of water are carbonated. So that means that around one in twelve people in the UK drinks a bottle of carbonated water daily. But people in California are reputedly much more health-conscious than those in the UK. So let s say twice as many people there drink bottled water. So that makes one in six people in California. So one in six out of five million people that s, um . . . Well, one in five would be one million. So one in six is going to be around 850,000 people. So the answer is around 850,000 bottles of carbonated water a day. In this example and those following, whether the number is correct or not isn t the point. Rather, the assumptions, estimates, and mental calculations must seem reasonable and these are more interesting to the interviewers than the actual answer itself. Talk out loud as you work out your answer. The interviewers don t want you to sit in silence calculating the answer and then simply say 60,000 bottles a day at the end they want to hear your chain of thought.
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patch The patch-side admittance matrix Yslot is determined from the combined GSMs of the patch and dielectric layers and the slot mode Floquet mode transition block. To include the ground-plane thickness, the combined GSM is modified by introducing appropriate phase terms. The phase terms are primarily the propagation delays of the slot modes through the slot waveguide across the ground plane [2]. The feed feed-side admittance matrix Yslot is obtained from the combined GSMs of the slot mode Floquet mode transition block in the feed side, the feed dielectric layer, and the dielectric air interface. Equation (7.44) is then used to determine the equivalent series admittance. In a slot-fed patch antenna, the feedline is extended beyond the slot to cancel out the offset reactance. Suppose the extended stub length beyond the slot center is l (including the end effect). Then the input impedance seen by the microstrip feedline at the slot location becomes
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this end point led to the proposal that the histamine receptor might exist in more than a single form. Gannellin25 and his colleagues at Smith Kline French in the UK launched a program to synthesize analogs of histamine itself in order to nd agents that blocked the putative alternative histamine receptor that controlled stomach acid. James Black, who had also been involved in the work that led to the beta-blocker propranolol, collaborated on this project as well. One of the rst compounds that showed at least partial antagonist activity was the derivative of histamine, SK&F 91486 (Fig. 9), in which the carbon chain had been lengthened by one carbon atom; the basic amino group (2 2NH2) in this analog had been replaced by a guanidine (NH5 5CNH(NH2)), a group whose basicity is comparable to sodium hydroxide. This agent did, however, retain some agonist activity. Adding yet another carbon atom to the chain and replacing the basic guanidine group by a thiourea (HNC5 5S(NH2)) nally gave a compound that was a pure antagonist at the histamine receptor that stimulates gastric acid secretion, now dubbed the H2 receptor. Trials on this agent, burimamide, showed in humans that it was indeed a selective inhibitor of gastric acid secretion. It was, however, very poorly absorbed when administered orally. At this point the chemists added a methyl group to the ring so as to favor the arrangement of double bonds in the ve-membered ring responsible for receptor binding; one of the side chain carbon atoms was also replaced by sulfur. The resulting compound metiamide showed good oral activity as an anti-ulcer agent in humans. The drug did, however, cause serious side effects in a small number of patients. Various lines of evidence suggested that this effect was attributable to the presence of the thiourea group. Laboratory studies showed
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Web services 377 381 white box 251 256 Usability and accessibility rules 215 Usability defects 209 Use cases change in 88, 105 conceptual test cases 100 correlating to code 93 correlating to requirements 97 correlating to tests 93 developing 90, 95 97 developing 125 for estimation 136 measuring 88 per module 198 199 positive 97 system testing 266 267 tracking 93, 105 negative 97 User interface design 167, 189 198 User manuals 127 Variable names 29 Veri cation compliance sustainability 327 conducting 249 271, 375 389 contract ful llment for outsourced projects 321 xed defects 380 381 security 327 Web services security 387 388 Web services performance 389 WSDL documents 384 Veri cation tools integrating into infrastructure 69 selecting 63 using during development 70 Veri ed tests checking into source control 380 Version control system See Source control system Vision and scope document 39, 96, 157 creating 54, 87 89 modifying and storing 124 125 policies for 107 Waterfall process 11 13, 15 WBS See Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
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Attention and Executive Function
Emotions make the corporate world uncomfortable. The perception is that since emotions cannot be managed very well and are difficult to fit into pie charts or reports, they must be ignored. The efficiency-oriented operations we pride ourselves on are full of logic and predictability, so we tend to treat the customer accordingly. Financial managers have no clue as to how to factor emotions into their financial models. Thus emotions are treated as the type of irrational behavior from which we must shy away. In reality, that thought process is fundamentally flawed. Businesses built on logic alone will be very expensive to operate. We actually want emotions in our relationships with customers. A purely logical customer will shop for the lowest price every time and will demonstrate no loyalty at all. The cost of doing business with customers will be high, because each time we will have to acquire them again through expensive incentives. When we speak of relationships, loyalty, and experiences, we must remember that these are emotionally loaded terms. We borrowed them from personal relationships; individuals usually prefer a deeper commitment to a single individual over shallow relationships with many. Relationship means making an emotional selection and sticking with it. The stronger the relationship, the longer it lasts and the deeper the commitment. This is exactly what we want our customers to do with our products and services. We want them to develop a deeper, longer commitment to our brands, even if they are not the cheapest on the market. The problem with emotions, however, is that many of them occur in a nurturing environment. They demand mutual commitment in order to deliver commitment. In the long, uncomfortable affair companies have with emotions, they have tended to exploit the customer s emotions but not to communicate their own. This is probably why very few companies will put emotions in their name, as Southwest Airlines did with the symbol LUV. It is time to face emotions and understand that they are a strength and not a weakness. It is also time to realize that even if you cannot place it in a pie chart, it does not mean it does not exist. Understand that relationships and loyalty require reciprocity, and you, the company, need to initiate the relationship.
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