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double exp(double x) double log(double x) double sin(double x) double cos(double x) double tan(double x) double sinh(double x) double cosh(double x) double tanh(double x) double asin(double x) double acos(double x) double atan(double x) int abs(int x) double fabs(double x)
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Botvich, D. D. and N. Duf eld (1995) Large deviations, the shape of the loss curve, and economies of scale in large multiplexers. Queueing Systems 20, 293 320. Braden, R., L. Zhang, S. Berson, S. Herzog and S. Jamin (1997) Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) Version 1 Functional Speci cation. in-notes/rfc2205.txt. Braess, D. (1968) Uber ein paradoxon aus der verkehrsplanung [a paradox of traf c assignment problems]. See Braess/. Briscoe, B. (1999) The direction of value ow in multi-service connectionless networks. Proceedings of Networked Group Communication, 99, Pisa, Italy, Volume 1736, pp. 244 269. Bulow, J. and P. Klemperer (2002) Prices and the winner s curse. Rand Journal of Economics 33(1), 1 21. Bulow, J. and J. Roberts (1989) The simple economics of optimal auctions. The Journal of Political Economy 97(5), 1060 1090. Cameron, D. (2001) Optical Networking: A Wiley Tech Brief. New York: Wiley. CA*net (2002) FAQ on dark bre. Casner, S. and S. Deering (1992) First IETF Internet audiocast. Communication Review 22(3), 92 97. ACM Computer
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Future Implications of Adaptive Business Networks
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Introducing CWM: Model-Based Integration of the Supply Chain
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Many people are under the mistaken impression that volunteers do not need supervision. Because they donate their time to the organization, they may be viewed as free spirits. Of course, they are free to come and go as they like, but to be effective they
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Petri Nets
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This section explains the channel scanning and the authentication methods that support WLAN mobility. The fast roaming/fast handoff Task Group (TGr) was newly formed within the IEEE 802.11 WG in March 2004 and is investigating further improvement of the fast-handoff capability.
3.4.2 Hybrid ARQ
7: Talking about Why You Want a New Job
Figure 14.1 First part of decision tree in Example 14.3
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