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Input: MyArray[n](NumericArrayRef) {accepts numeric inputs by reference}
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The interpersonal strategy of dependents, designed to secure care and protection, has important negative consequences for their self-image and cognitive development. The helpless fa ade that dependents project eventually works its way into their self-concept. You cannot act helpless without believing it to some extent yourself. Dependents usually describe themselves as weak, fragile, inadequate, inept, or incompetent. When their incapacities become too clearly focused, anxiety and panic may result. To keep their vulnerability controlled, many dependents prefer not to look too deeply into themselves, preferring instead to limit their awareness to the pleasantries of life, seeing only the good and never the bad. When difficulties are acknowledged, it is often with a saving silver lining that effectively undoes the problem by assuming that things will work out in the end. Denial, discussed in the psychodynamic perspective, thus gradually develops into a broader cognitive style. The self-schema of dependents includes both positive and negative qualities. On the positive side, dependents see themselves as considerate, thoughtful, and cooperative. By disavowing legitimate achievements, they seem humble and self-effacing. Secretly, they may hope for praise and commendation, but not too much, as expectations of independence and self-sufficiency would surely follow. The good qualities that dependents attribute to themselves, however, are also balanced by a number of pathological core, conditional, and instrumental beliefs (Beck et al., 1990, p. 45). At the core level, dependents believe, I am completely helpless, and I am all alone. To cope with these core beliefs, they form conditional beliefs, including, I can function only if I have access to somebody competent, and If I am abandoned, I will die. A variety of instrumental imperatives follow, including, Don t offend the caretaker, and Cultivate as intimate a relationship as possible. We have seen all of these before in other contexts. Many dependents are not terribly sophisticated cognitively. To others, they seem na ve, childlike, and innocent an image they often reinforce by minimizing their own achievements and abilities and magnifying their instrumental incompetencies. Fewer demands are made of inadequate persons. Because others always come to their aid, dependents may develop few coping strategies that go beyond basic life skills. Sometimes, even these are impaired. Some cannot balance a checkbook or require so much instruction and advice that even holding down a basic job becomes impossible. Other dependents closer to the normal range may be competent within restricted domains, though these instrumentalities are usually formed in the service of protecting a nurturing relationship. Here, the notion, I must learn how to do such-and-such well if I am to enjoy the safety and protection of this relationship, functions as an additional, and highly
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Communication Systems for the Mobile Information Society
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Mira learned far more about the legality of international trade than she ever wanted to, but she valued this basic education in the issues and argot of the legal trade. She added a slot for legal help in the organizational chart that she had drawn. Her next job was to gure out how to pull together the content, culture, and logistics of selling internationally.
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