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In Figure 8.20, the conditions for pre-agglomeration are veri ed in the colored net. Therefore, in the unfolded net (on its right), it is possible to apply a sequence of pre-agglomerations to all couples of generated transitions h(1) with f (1), then h(2) with f (2), then nally h(3) with f (3). The results of these three reductions are shown on the right hand part of Figure 8.21, which after re-coloring gives the equivalent colored net (on the left). Indeed our purpose is to perform the transformation of the colored net directly: agglomeration of h with the set of transitions f of F ; each becomes a composed one, which is denoted here by new f to distinguish it from f in the original net. The only difference between the classical transformation and the colored one is that we need to compose functions for de ning the new pre-conditions of the transitions new f (third point of the next de nition). In fact a token consumed by the ring of transition new f in a place q of the reduced net is a token that, in the original net, was initially consumed by h in q and modi ed by the function Post(q, h). barcode reading
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Arrays Used to declare an array type of variable. See Array. ARRAYSIZE Reserved for use with custom DLLs designed for EasyLanguage and ELKIT32.DLL. ARRAYSTARTADDR Reserved for use with custom DLLs designed for EasyLanguage and ELKIT32.DLL. At Skip word used to improve readability. Ignored during execution.
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familiar with one another. The Exchange, as of the interview, had 200 members and would not be allowed to grow beyond that size in order to maintain that familiar atmosphere, but other communities were being planned. Tom Brailsford is a member of the Conference Board Council on Knowledge Management and Learning Organizations and is a member of the advisory board of the Mind of the Market Lab at Harvard Business School. As he explains it, online consumer communities are appropriate for all companies because consumers these days feel a disenfranchisement from companies. He points out that consumers say they have a lot of information and ideas to contribute, and they emphasize to companies, we re not dummies. Brailsford believes that companies tend to see themselves in a sort of parentchild relationship with their customers, which does not motivate the customer to share knowledge with the company. Hallmark sees the relationship as more of a triangular system, consisting of feedback from the consumers to the company, news updates and information from the company to the consumers, and an ongoing relationship among the consumers themselves. This latter component has proven to be a big selling point in convincing consumers to participate and has resulted in participants telling their friends and family about the consumer communities. Now there are waiting lists of customers who want to sign up to be Consumer Consultants in Hallmark s expansion of new communities in the Idea Exchange.
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The next report is from a hospital-based clinic. Identifying information, such as child and family name, teacher or physician name, and school information, has been altered or ctionalized to protect con dentiality.
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