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Fig. B.5
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they do not modify the observable behavior of the system; but, for other events, such as i1 and i2 , the abstraction is not legitimate because these actions have an observable in uence on the system behavior. Of course, the real dif culty is in selecting a priori whether it is reasonable to hide an action. The observational equivalence, introduced by Milner in his calculation for communicating systems (c.c.s.) [MIL 89], introduces the concept of abstract experiment , which provides a solution to this problem. Experiment, saturation The concept of abstract experiment leads to an abstraction that is less constrained than the concept of projection (which by de nition erases all inobservable actions). In these abstract experiments, the inobservable actions are renamed by a common symbol . So, a new transition relation, known as abstract experimentation and denoted , can be de ned by taking into account the original transitions ( ) and the inobservable sequences of actions. Let us now give the de nition and derivation of this new concept using the example of saturation presented in Figure 12.8. } DEFINITION 12.35 (Abstract experiment: ). Let LT S = , S, { a be an LTS, O a subset of and a symbol not belonging to . S { } S can be de ned as follows: =Def
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The functional strategy level refers specifically to the game plan for a particular business activity, department, or business process. The primary role of the functional strategy is to support the company's overall strategy and competitive approach. The operational strategy deals with how to manage costs, quality targets, and delivery at the frontline. Many companies use project management to deliver strategic goals and actions. Companies are now realizing that in the fast-paced Information Age, weapons such as speed, opportunities, and niches are prized elements in any business arsenal. In all subsequent chapters in this book, I focus on how project managers ensure that strategy succeeds at both the functional and operational levels. Clearly, there is a need to understand something about strategy after all. Information technology is changing at such an amazing rate that, in order for companies to survive in the competitive marketplace, they must use more and more solutions that require enhancing existing systems and decommissioning older ones. So, too, project management needs to fit into the overall company strategic model, whereby project management is the area that brings in the IT solutions (products or services) before competitors can react. Applying project management and understanding the strategic intent of the company justifies maneuvering the competitive advantage correctly, which is all the more important. Projects need to
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FIGURE 7.15 The Advanced Segments control panel shows segments applied to the current profile and a link to share a segment. Advanced segments are specific to each Google Analytics user s individual user account, not the Google Analytics Account or Profile. However, you can share segments across profiles that you have access to, and send segments to other users using the Share link. Custom segments already assigned your profile
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_LIT(KGLobalName, "GlobalMessageQueue"); RMsgQueueBase mqueue; TInt ret = mqueue.CreateGlobal(KGLobalName1, 1, sizeof (TInt)); if (ret == KErrNone) { TInt src = 45; ret = mqueue.Send(&src, sizeof (TInt)); TBool full = (ret == KErrOverflow); //blocking send src = 32; mqueue.SendBlocking(&src, sizeof(TInt)); mqueue.Close(); }
If there hadn t been success stories from applying knowledge networking techniques, we would not have been persuaded to write this book. In fact, there is enough buzz around the idea to excite business leaders at all levels. Some of the better known examples of large companies that have begun utilizing their human intellectual capital are referred to on the AskMe site,19 one of the Web s most creative knowledge-sharing oases. Here are some of these companies, the description of their knowledge networking activities, and the bottom-line results they reported from those activities:
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