Figure 7.12. Soft failure due to DOS attack.
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Figure 11.12 IEEE 802.1X sequence diagram (Aboba et al. 2000) important. Secure user access to 3G radio networks uses the basic GSM mechanism, with some enhancements. The security features of the basic GSM (Kaaranen et al. 2001b; Mouly and Pautet 1992) system are: Authentication of the user based on the SIM card Encryption of the radio interface In 3G networks, additional new features are being considered and improved: Mutual authentication of the user and network Radio access network encryption Use of temporary identities Protection of signaling integrity inside UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN). Preventing unauthorized user access to networks is important for both users and operators. The authentication scheme uses the same challenge-and-response mechanism that GSM and most 2G systems employ. For a 3G network, the mutual secret, called the Master Key, is a 128-bit value shared between the Authentication Center (AuC) and a Universal Subscriber Identity Module (USIM). 3G offers mutual authentication, so that the user side (USIM) can authenticate the validity of the current access network. A unique, increasing Sequence Number (SQN) is used to prove that a generated authentication vector has not been used before. In DoCoMo s 3G FOMA services, the subscriber module, called the User Identity Module (UIM), has more features than the USIM (as de ned by the ETSI TS 102.221) and SIM. The main additional features of UIM are:
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his part explores the future of BPO and some of the consequences it will have on economics, politics, work, and education. No one can say with certainty what the future will hold for global outsourcing. Certainly, there is the potential for legislative barricades to be erected. Worse, global terror could make all nations rethink the value of unfettered free trade and return to protectionist and nationalist policies. In 11, we take the view that free trade is a global revolution that is likely to continue unabated over the coming decades and that its effects will be felt in many different ways. The opportunities for intrepid entrepreneurs to disrupt their industry by using highly scalable and talented global labor pools are unprecedented. We predict an investment and new venture creation boom centered on global outsourcing to be a modifier to the threat of jobs going overseas. Jobs will be created to take advantage of that labor. We end on the hopeful note that a rising standard of living available through outsourcing will help create a more prosperous future for people all around the world.
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Organizing to Serve the Eighth Continent
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Intuitively, we can say that if the value 1(m0, t) is large, then a weak reduction of the firing time of the transition t leads to an important reduction of the average cycle time. Furthermore, adding a token in a place p has an effect comparable to reducing the firing duration of the transition p if p is an input place of p such p is "often" the transition that achieves the maximum of the evolution equation during the simulation. Consequently, it is possible to define two criteria of choice of p*, using (p, ) or W(p, ). Criterion 1: we choose place p* P, which maximizes
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Table A.3.1: Goal Extensions Name Goal Stereotype To Class Symbol Definition/Description Denote desired states, meaning that goals motivate actions leading to state changes in a desired direction. Something that prevents us from meeting goals. Cause, measure, and prerequisite are other stereotype notes that are useful when modeling problems. A cause leads to problems; a problem can be solved if the cause is removed. The cause can be removed if a certain measure is taken and certain
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Substance Abuse Narcissistic traits are frequently associated with abuse of alcohol, opiates (Calsyn, Fleming, Wells, & Saxon, 1996), cocaine and stimulants (Marlowe, Husband, Lamb, & Kirby, 1995; McMahon & Richards, 1996), and other substances. Although the motives underlying substance abuse are often complex, two possibilities seem likely. First, abuse of alcohol and other substances often provides relief from painful feelings. By numbing their awareness, narcissists whose self-regard is under siege can temporarily put aside painful feelings of inferiority and self-doubt. In fact, by turning reality aside, some may actually reinstate their cherished illusions of superiority and competence for a time. Numbing negatives and reinstating positives thus make substance abuse doubly reinforcing. However, the substance abuse is likely to depend on availability, peer group influences, and personality factors. The sense of power and self-confidence associated with cocaine or its derivatives are notorious, but alcohol is legal, less expensive, and more readily acquired. Even where narcissistic traits occur secondary to an antisocial personality disorder, research suggests that substance abuse may be made more severe (McMahon, Malow, & Penedo, 1998). With Chase, we see an example of narcissistic personality disorder where substance abuse figures prominently. Like other narcissists, Chase is grandiose and entitled. The way he sees it, his novel will be an unmitigated, overwhelming success. Consequently, he feels justified spending all his time working on it and no time with his wife. Regardless, she is expected to cater to his every need, to the point of being his sex slave. If Chase seems less pathological than Leonardo or Gerald, it is because his insecurities are closer to conscious awareness, tempering his grandiosity. Moreover, Gerald s mother simply set a high standard, and Gerald is struggling to justify her faith in him. Chase s parents, at least his father, apparently were both exalting and condemning at the same time. As a result, Chase s personality has a dual aspect. A superficial grandiosity keeps him floating along, but underneath, he can t make up his mind whether he s the boy
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Decoupling Event Demultiplexing and Connection Management from Protocol Processing
Identify and Select the BPO Opportunity
Quick Tip Hire a Data Modeler and get the systems delivering the reports you need to see with a click of the mouse. If the systems are not integrated, put money aside and invest in integrating the systems. It is vital that the systems are able to talk to each other and pull the data required to deliver automated reports rather than using Excel spreadsheets, where errors can, and do, frequently occur.
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