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Given Data RF: 10 dBm LO: 7 dBm 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 24 73 67 86 > 90 > 90 > 90 1 26 0 73 64 > 90 80 > 90 > 90 2 35 35 74 69 86 > 90 > 90 > 90 3 39 13 70 50 88 71 > 90 > 90 m (LO multiple) 4 5 50 41 24 40 64 71 47 77 85 88 68 > 90 > 90 > 90 87 > 90 6 53 45 69 74 86 > 90 > 90 > 90 7 49 28 64 44 85 65 > 90 > 90 8 51 49 69 74 > 90 88 > 90 > 90
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N (t) = inf
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Goals are arguably the single most important feature in Google Analytics and are used to track conversions and other business outcomes. There is no other setting in Google Analytics that closely aligns your business measurement with the Google Analytics con guration. For details on how to set good Conversion Goals for your Web site, refer to 2.
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3.7.1 Focus on Developer Ideas This example illustrates the necessity for storing and tracking requests for new features and developers ideas. Imagine that a development team is working on a new product. As the product nears release, many good ideas for product improvements are mentioned by beta testers, salespeople, and QA team members. In addition, the developers have some last-minute improvement ideas of their own. However, since the release date is approaching, there is no time to implement these ideas. After version 1.0 of the product is released and the initial chaos dies down, the team is ready to start working on the next version. At the planning meeting, they try to remember all of the improvement ideas that were suggested before the 1.0 release, but they were very busy at the time. They did not record these ideas and they cannot recall many of them. Because the team did not have a central, easy-to-access place for recording improvement ideas, those ideas have been lost. System requirements were recorded in the requirements management system, and reported defects were recorded in the problem tracking system. However, while some suggestions for product improvements may have been informally recorded by group members outside of the system, most of the new ideas could not be recalled.
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Provide the most up-to-date tools and connectivity for internal system access to every desktop Configure, maintain, and upgrade the software used by every employee Select, secure, install, and fix all of the company s computer technology Provide system security, backups, Internet access, firewall configuration, and virus protection Evaluate and approve the selection of new technical tools for new needs Program in-house solutions to business problems Work with outside technical consultants on a wide variety of projects
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Figure 4.16 WEP encryption
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Gain 0.0367 0.0367 0.0097 0.0097 0.0422 0.0314
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