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Integrating DataMatrix in .NET Knowledge and Management

Filtering by Ordinary Filters
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In one of our seminars, a participant (we will call him John) defined one of the customer responsibilities as dedicating 85% of the customer s budget to his company s services. He basically wanted to be the primary supplier to the
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7.4.4. The formalism of well-formed nets DEFINITION 7.18 (Well-formed nets). A well-formed net is a 7-tuple W N = P, T, P re, P ost, Cl, C, where:
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Reassociation Response
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Decouple component interfaces from their implementations and make applications independent of the point(s) in time at which component implementations are configured into application processes. In detail: a component defines a uniform interface for configuring and controlling a particular type of application service or functionality that it provides. Concrete components implement this interface in an application-specific manner. Applications or administrators can use component interfaces to initiate, suspend, resume, and terminate their concrete components dynamically, as well as to obtain run-time information about each configured concrete component. Concrete components are packaged into a suitable unit of configuration, such as a dynamically linked library (DLL). This DLL can be dynamically linked and unlinked into and out of an application under the control of a component configurator, which uses a component repository to manage all concrete components configured into an application.
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The Path Ahead
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