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Returns: 0 forTick, 1 for Intraday, 2 for Daily, 3 for Weekly, 4 for Monthly, 5 for Point & Figure. If BarType = 2 Then {Any Operation} {tests for daily bars}
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Value1 = 100 + StrToNum( 12 ) ;
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conditional volatility of changes in S is highly sensitive to the level of S. Model 5 was used by Dothan (1978), and model 6 is the constant elasticity of variance (CEV) process proposed by Cox (1975) and Cox and Ross (1976). Model 7 is the famous geometric Brownian motion (GBM) process rst used by Black and Scholes (1973). Finally, model 8 is used by Merton (1973) to represent Brownian motion with drift. This exible parametric speci cation is useful since the parameters may be estimated (see 9) to determine the model that best ts a particular security. Vinod and Samanta (1997) estimate all these models to study the nature of exchange rate dynamics using daily, weekly, and monthly rates for the British pound sterling and the Deutsche mark for the 1975 to 1991 period and compare the out-of-sample forecasting performance of the models in Table 1.4.2. The models Brnnan-Schwartz, CIR-SR, and Vasicek performed poorly, whereas CIR-VR and GBM were generally the best. Now that we have examined some of the possible ways that stock prices can move, the next section explores the way that a stock price should move in an ef cient market.
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Since specialized software for nonprofits can be very expensive, consider carefully whether it will significantly contribute to your success. First, ask yourself the following questions about your organization:
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To further reduce power consumption during times of longer inactivity the 802.16e standard introduces an optional idle mode for mobile stations. Its basic functionality is similar to the concept of a UMTS UE in idle mode with an active PDP context (see 3). As in UMTS the mobile station retains its service flows, i.e. its IP addresses, while no active communication connection is maintained with the network. If new data is received by the core network for a mobile station in idle mode, a paging procedure has to be performed in all cells belonging to the same paging group. Paging a mobile in several cells requires a central paging controller in the network. As the 802.16 standard only defines the air interface part of the network, the implementation of this function is out of the scope of the standard and has been left for further standardization by the WiMAX forum networking group. The concept of a paging group is similar to the UMTS concept of a location area. Unlike location areas, paging groups can overlap in the network and a cell can belong to several paging groups simultaneously. This is shown in Figure 5.21. This prevents frequent paginggroup updates of mobiles in paging-group border areas. While in idle mode, the mobile station can roam to cells belonging to the same paging group without performing a handover or notifying the network about the cell change. From
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Evidence-Based Interventions
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equals Economic Profit
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pating force.Added to these is Wittgenstein s concept of practice (1953). Taken together, these three concepts have been in uential on studies of computer hardware design (Ehn, 1988), since this technology breaks down the arti cial distinction between workers and machines and is instead located within the interaction between human and non-human systems in a practice of situated activity. Practice (praxis) is a notion central to Marxist epistemology, where it contrasts with the Cartesian notion of detached re ection, of the separation between mind and body, and stands in polemic with rationalism, positivism and scientism. Practice is an epistemological principle because if as knowing subjects we are to know that things are independent of us, we must rst subject them to our own praxis, because in order to know how things are when they are not in contact with us, we must rst enter into contact with them. Practice is both our production of the world and the result of this process. It is always the product of speci c historical conditions resulting from previous practice and transformed into present practice. The material process of production involves the production of society and its reproduction as emancipatory practice. The Marxist tradition has recently been revived by so-called activity theory (Engestrom, 1987), which draws on the work of Vygotsky and the Russian school of social psychology (Luria, Leontiev, Davydov). Engestrom (1987) utilizes the concept of activity system to show how analysis of human activity must begin with study of material actions and of contexts of action. Unlike contexts of animal activity, human activity systems are distinguished by the presence of: (a) manufactured objects and concepts which mediate the interaction between individuals and concepts; (b) traditions, rituals and rules which mediate the interaction between individuals and the community; (c) the division of labour that mediates the interaction between the community and the actions of its members. It is in practical action, and not in thought, that social learning takes place, because the ambiguities, uncertainties and contradictions of praxis provide opportunities for individual and collective development (Blackler, Crump and McDonald, 2003). The important contribution of this tradition is its methodological insight that practice is a system of activities in which knowing is not separate from doing, and learning is a social and not merely cognitive activity. Blackler writes (1993: 870): social learning is a creative achievement, therefore, which involves a degree of personal investment; it can only be achieved by active participation . Participating in a practice is consequently a way to acquire knowledge-in-action, but also to change or perpetuate such knowledge and to produce and reproduce society.
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3.7.1 Mobility Management in the Cell-DCH State
Expectedly, the surface wave admittance varies inversely with the square root of the element spacing because when only one element is excited, the surface wave becomes a cylindrical wave at the far-off region. It should be noted that the surface wave coupling may not occur between all the elements in an array, because ZF k may not have zeros for all values of . Further, apart from the aperture size and element spacing, the existence of surface wave poles depends on the input location with respect to the aperture (the axial length of the horn). This is consistent with the surface wave propagation characteristics on a corrugated surface [5] because short-circuited horn elements create a corrugated surface like structure. The propagation of a surface wave mode depends on the depth of the corrugation, which in this case becomes the axial length of the horn elements. If the array elements are match terminated (instead of short-circuit terminations), then the terminating loads perturb the surface wave propagation. The surface wave turns into a leaky wave due to the power dissipation at the loads. This can also be understood from the analytical expression of the scattering parameter S m 0 in Section 4.5. The scattering parameter will never have a propagating wave like expression because the Floquet reflection coefficient can never have a pole. As explained before, a true surface wave does not exist when an infinite array is phased to radiate in the visible region, although the array structure may be capable of supporting a surface wave. Nevertheless, the surface wave pole plays an important role in determining the mutual admittance between the array elements. Figures 8.9a b show the mutual conductance and susceptance, respectively, between the E-plane array elements. For obtaining the mutual admittance, the expression in (8.25) was computed numerically. A singularity extraction method
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