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N O N P R O F I T E S S E N T I A L S : M a n a g i n g Te c h n o l o g y
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Electable_slot _schedule Number_ available_slots
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in turn, creates more input plus reconciling nightmares for the department responsible for balancing the bene t payments. This is grossly inef cient but all too often the norm in many companies. One way to combat this cycle is to set up a strict input/processing calendar for bene t deductions. The payroll department must set up a year-long calendar noting the exact day and time the human resources or bene ts department must either have all the bene ts input to the system or get the information to the payroll department for processing in order to meet payroll deadlines. These are drop-dead dates, which must be clearly communicated to the other department(s). If this is the rst time the payroll department is issuing such a calendar, it is best to convey the information in a face-to-face meeting, if physically possible. Management should also be aware of the importance of this calendar. It must be reiterated that the consequence of missing the processing deadline is not that it creates more work for the payroll department, but that it costs the company more money in staff and processing time. (Always reinforce the bottom line.) An important aspect of the ef cient processing of bene t deductions is its effect on the employees. When errors are made or processing deadlines are missed, the employee s paycheck is greatly affected. If this is a frequent occurrence, it can affect how the employees actually perceive the value of the bene t. So if a company is offering a bene t to the employees to promote retention, improve morale, and so on, processing errors may negate any positive effects of offering the bene t. In addition, no matter who is actually responsible for the missed processing deadline or the input error, it will be perceived by the rest of the company as a payroll error. This is just a fact of life if it happens on an employee s paycheck, payroll must be responsible. By the way, this perception extends to management as well, which is why it is imperative that the processing calendar be communicated clearly to all involved. Although the rst concern of the payroll department is ensuring that the payroll is processed as accurately and ef ciently as possible, the plain fact is that the department also must project a capable and professional image or it will lose its credibility. Constant
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If the sidebands are just equivalent FM sidebands (obtained from a contaminating single sideband), the sideband whose frequency could be mathematically obtained by conversion, using the contaminant as the LO, will not move with the LO. A change of f in the LO frequency moves the signal in the IF by f , leaving one of the sidebands unmoved (while the other moves by 2 f ). In Fig. 8.12b, if the left sideband is such a contaminant, it will maintain its position in the IF as the LO moves. If, however, the right sideband is xed, the left sideband will move when the LO tunes and it might move away from the IF band. We will now look at an example of true FM sidebands plus four examples of equivalent FM sidebands covering the four variations of RF SSB frequencies and LO frequencies at their extremes. These will demonstrate the validity of this range as a source of spurs. Example 8.2 FM Contaminant Transferred from LO to IF The RF band and signal are shown in Fig. 8.13a. Figure 8.13b shows the LO at the frequency that converts the upper edge of the RF band to the lower edge of the IF band. Figure 8.13c shows the other end of the LO range, which would convert the low end of the RF to the high end of the IF. The tuning range of the LO equals the difference between the RF and IF bandwidths. These contaminating sidebands are true FM sidebands, and they are at the maximum problematic offset, according to Fig. 8.10, Range 1. In this case, that offset is the RF bandwidth, 15 MHz. At Fig. 8.13b, we see that the RF signal is converted to one edge of the IF while, at the other extreme of the LO, shown at (c), the contaminating signal arrives at the IF band edge, showing that the assumed sideband separation is the true limit if the modulation frequency fm is xed. The relative sideband amplitude in the LO, 66 dBc, is transferred to the IF. Example 8.3 SSB Contaminant on Verge of Transfer from LO to IF Figure 8.14c is like Fig. 8.13c but the upper FM sideband has been dropped
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Asset Ownership and Location
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Business value measures
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Figure 5.4 If a user has a sigmoid utility function then welfare can be maximized using nonlinear pricing. The user can be made to demand the socially optimal quantity, say C, by being faced with a nonlinear charge of the form g.x/ D A if x < x 0 and g.x/ D A C .x x 0 / p if x x 0 , for some x 0 , where p is equal to the slope of the u.x/ at x D C. Observe that there is no linear price for which the user will demand C.
whereas the LR interval is exact as long as there exists some transformation g( ) such that g( ) g( ) N (0, 1) se(g( )) (8.16)
Table 8-4: rated currents and conventional currents for fuses
High impedance differential protection
17. Market-share is important to our success. 18. Our customers names/logos decorate our walls. 19. We compensate employees primarily based on productivity. 20. We are the market leader. 21. Customer thank-you letters are frequently received. 22. We are a global player. 23. Everyone knows who the star servicepeople are. 24. We are market driven. 25. In our call center, the goal is to get callers off the line.
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