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How Automated Is ADP Not every activity can be automated. For example, the following four categories do not lend themselves to automation:
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Source: Elisabeth Abeson, IBM presentation at IQPC; various infrastructure vendor presentations.
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Comparing Computer Offers
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In this case, the error can be corrected by using the appropriate exit instruction, BuyToCover:
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front door, as if to let me in, but then he did a rethink, turned, and hurried out a rear door instead. What in the hell is going on With my forehead near the glass, I glanced down at my watch. It was just past three. Chinese factories did not have the tradition of an afternoon siesta, and Sister had already mentioned that the factory broke only for lunch and then at dinnertime. I heard the sound of heels clicking on the pavement behind me. What at rst seemed like not such a bad idea was quickly turning into a situation. I felt guilty all of a sudden, as though caught doing something illicit, putting my nose in where it didn t belong. What excuse could I possibly offer, and how would I address the matter of what I was seeing or, rather, what I was not seeing Out of sheer embarrassment, someone might have to get upset about me wandering off. The sound of fast-approaching heels grew louder until it was no longer possible to act like I could not hear them. Clack-clack-clack-clack. I turned around, expecting the worst. Instead of an angry expression, Sister was forcing a smile, one that widened as she approached until it appeared more like a wince. She reached me slightly out of breath. The workers are resting, she said. It was a conversation stopper, like when someone in America said they were off to run an errand. You weren t meant to ask what kind. The very notion of rest was sacrosanct in China, and then saying something like that to a foreigner gave it an additional weight. Chinese have worked hard for thousands of years. If someone said they needed a breather, no further explanation was necessary. Let s go back, Sister said and quietly led the way. Trying to process what had just happened, I felt as though I had just been to a magic show and seen a large elephant disappear. Where the workers had gone was a mystery. They were nowhere to be seen, and there was nothing to do but rub my eyes and wonder how or why it had been done. How could a factory be in full swing one moment and gone the next That evening, I telephoned Bernie. I was apprehensive. Surely, nothing like such a vanishing act ever happened in America, and
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The following illustrates a Guard class that is strategized by a LOCK template parameter:
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In addition to bounded rationality, opportunism is embedded in this problem. Williamson (1988) writes that opportunism is a deep condition of self-interest seeking that contemplates guile. Promises to behave responsibly that are unsupported by credible commitments will not, therefore, be reliably discharged (68). One might imagine, in this Hobbesian state of nature, that hazards other than uncertainty ow from incomplete contracts as parties use ex ante information and ex post governance costs to their individual advantage. Analysis of even simple incomplete contracts is complex,1 but several themes emerge that are illustrated by relatively accessible analysis by Hart and Moore (1999). Their speci cation of the problem includes the following: At date 0, a buyer and a seller contract for the sale of a special widget that can either be described without cost (D) or is prohibitively expensive to describe (ND). At date _________, the seller invests in manufacture, with denoting an optimal investment that results in the best outcome for all parties. At date 1, the parties trade based on an offer by the seller, with a provision for renegotiation (R+) if the buyer rejects the offer or (R ) if renegotiation is not possible.
D E M A N D C O N S U LT I N G As the name implies, demand consulting means helping your business become a better consumer of outsourced services. Demand consultants work with the service consumers to frame issues and problems in a way that allows service providers to add the most value. Unlike consumer relationship management, demand consulting is not a steady-state process; rather, it provides the temporary guidance and support that businesses need when deciding how, when, and from whom to source. This subcomponent of the model requires a consultative, analytical skill set and a rigorous problem-solving methodology, in addition to depth of understanding of the service consumer s business problems. Demand consulting can be activated to help resolve small problems such as service requisition issues or large ones such as deciding which partner to award a signi cant new piece of outsourcing business. The objective in most cases is to help businesses leverage the maximum possible value from their outsourcing relationships. Whenever ideas that allow a company to differentiate its capabilities by adding the outsourcer s service offerings, demand consulting plays an even more important role by helping the company recon gure outsourcing services in ways that capture that value.
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