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MarketPosition The market position (1 = long, -1 = short, 0 = flat) of the specified position. MarketPosition(Num) Syntax:
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The three dimensions for evaluating a group s collaborative tendencies are closely related. We can imagine groups that are very interactive, very focused, and very cohesive, yet few actual communities fit that description all of the time. Most groups that can benefit by conversational knowledge exchange are high in only one or two dimensions and then only some of the time. A highly interactive community may not be very focused. A newly formed community won t have much cohesion, though it may be very interactive. A community with intense focus may not feel compelled to interact at all, preferring to have common access to content that is kept current and detailed. In Figure 6.3, we show four examples of communities with different profiles along the three continuums of interactivity, focus, and cohesion. Each profile describes different interface needs. Profile A, a short-term project team, calls for an interface that all members can access and use quickly, with minimum need for training or technical integration. With no group history and a short group lifetime, simplicity of use is the most important factor. Email may be sufficient if there is no need for organizing numerous parallel conversations. A basic message board with access limited to team members would permit some helpful organization of project-related discussions. A content publishing component would permit team members to post documents and to share project management timelines. Profile B, a stable department within an organization, needs an online meeting place for certain administrative conversations and content but is driven more by routine than deadlines. It has the time to learn how to use and manage its space on the intranet. It can benefit by preserving certain conversations as a record of interaction. A basic message board that can send out the latest postings in email will serve to involve employees who don t voluntarily log on to the site. Such staffers receive digests of online conversations on a regular basis, inviting them to participate but not forcing them to spend much of their time in the virtual meeting environment. The environment serves as a gathering place for shared knowledge and a conversation space for sharing knowledge when it is required. Profile C is a group of workers who lack the time to get online regularly but who hold valuable knowledge about their hands-on skills and experience. Regular daily or weekly reports or involvement in periodic online debriefings may serve as the means to harvest their knowledge and allow them to tap into the knowledge of
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When Emily turned 3 years of age, she began receiving one hour per week of in-home preschool special education services provided by the local school system. At 4 years of age, Emily attended a regular prekindergarten classroom. Review of Emily s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from that time revealed that she received 2 hours of preschool special education services per week because she continued to meet state eligibility criteria for Signi cant Developmental Delay (SDD) in the areas of PersonalSocial, Adaptive, Motor, and Communication. Emily experienced signi cant behavioral dif culty in the classroom, and her mother frequently was called to come to school during naptime to aid with Emily s compliance. In addition, Emily was sent home one day for disruptive behavior. As a result, another IEP meeting was convened; review of the addendum indicates that Emily s regular education teacher discussed her concerns regarding Emily s inappropriate behaviors within structured and unstructured settings. The special education teacher stated that Emily did well with one-on-one instruction. Emily s mother also expressed concerns regarding her behavior. The school occupational therapist stated that occupational therapy probably would be a disadvantage. However, she suggested that a vision specialist probably would be an advantage to her. The special education teacher also recommended increasing the SDD service hours and having a person shadow Emily during peak times of the day. All participants agreed to a behavioral intervention plan for the regular prekindergarten classroom along with an increase in SDD/team collaboration service from 2 to 3 hours per week. Approximately one month after this IEP meeting, Emily underwent psychological reevaluation. The results of the evaluation indicate that Emily was functioning within the mildly de cient to borderline range of intellectual ability as measured by the Differential Ability Scales Lower Preschool Level (General Conceptual Ability 63). However, it was felt that this represented an underestimate of her true ability, given her language delay and her extremely short attention span. Emily continued to exhibit relative strengths on nonverbal tasks as well as improvement in receptive vocabulary. Emily s preschool readiness and adaptive functioning were also signi cant strengths. In contrast, Emily s expressive language and her ability to comprehend multipart instructions continued to be signi cant weaknesses for her. Review of rating scales completed by Emily s mother and
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Many of today s most successful organizations and businesses have become humongous, hurried, and complex compared to any that we include in our brief summary of human history. It used to take a despot to manage large human forces and projects, but the old command-and-control hierarchical model is yielding, slowly but steadily, to the networked organization in direct response to the competitive (and collaborative) influence of today s new media. Managing in a networked environment is one of the skills we will describe in this book. Given the size of organizations today and the tremendous reach of the Net, history hints persuasively that there may be an optimum size for communities that can effectively share knowledge and then have disproportionate influence. Within huge organizations, these naturally scaled collaborative groups need to be identified and leveraged. Groups small enough for all members to essentially know one another are less likely to be held back by inhibitions brought by the presence of strangers. The examples and guides we provide in this book will therefore be based on effectively scaled knowledge communities. Though our focus is on conversational knowledge sharing using the new media of technical networks, we emphasize in this chapter that the purely social
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Course and Prognosis
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Lehman Brothers is a major nancial institution that provides services to corporations, governments and municipalities, institutional clients, and highnet-worth individuals worldwide. In particular, the company maintains market leadership positions in equity and xed income sales, trading and research, investment banking, private investment management, asset management, and private equity. The company is a member of the S&P 500, with revenue near $12 billion, total capital near $71 billion, and approximately 115,000 common stockholders. The company s revenues are highly dependent upon their IT systems. For instance, in their commercial paper ( xed income notes within a year of maturity) business, they process approximately $40 billion worth of transactions per day. The transactions must settle by 2:30 p.m. of the current day. Any system downtime can be devastating, considering that 90% of the transactions are performed electronically (70% through an outside trading rm and 20% through the internal sales force; only 10% of transactions are performed in
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where |aL | is the open-loop gain, as long as |aL | 1. This may practically eliminate the IM if it has a frequency well below the loop bandwidth but will have small effect if the frequency exceeds that bandwidth.
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