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The best way to close an option position prior to expiration is to execute an opposing transaction in the market. This is true whether you are holding puts and calls, and whether you are long or short. If you previously bought a call, the only way to close your position is to sell the same call. Some may think buying a put will do, but it will not. Also, selling another call on the same underlying does not do it. In fact, such trades might reduce your risk, but they would only build (and complicate) your original position. The two alternatives to closing a position with an opposing transaction is to let the option expire or to exercise it. If your option remains out-of-themoney at expiration, it has no value and should be allowed to expire. However, if the option is in-the-money at expiration, it has value and should be exercised. When you exercise a stock option, you pay for and receive shares of stock. When you exercise futures options, you are immediately in a futures position and no cash changes hands. When you exercise index options, you simply receive the intrinsic value as a cash settlement. There is no delivery besides cash, as exercising index options does not create a new position in another
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Synchronous multi-threading may not be the most scalable way to implement a Web server on operating system platforms that support asynchronous I/O more efficiently than synchronous multi-threading. For example, highly-efficient Web servers can be implemented on Windows NT [Sol98] by invoking asynchronous Win32 operations that perform the following activities: Processing indication events, such as TCP CONNECT and HTTP GET requests, via AcceptEx() and ReadFile(), respectively Transmitting requested files to clients asynchronously via WriteFile() or TransmitFile() [HPS99] When these asynchronous operations complete, the operating system delivers the associated completion events containing their results to the Web server. It then processes these events and performs the appropriate actions before returning to its event loop.
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did not, however, unlike the latter, result in excess potassium loss.40 This drug and several related later entries have found only minor use in the treatment of hypertension, possibly as a result of their high cost compared to thiazides. Kidneys further impact on blood pressure by releasing a hormone that acts directly on blood vessels so as to control resistance to ow. This effect is mediated largely through the so-called renin angiotensin system. The process starts with a large peptide, angiotensinogen, which has little if any activity in its own right. In response to an appropriate signal, another kidney peptide enzyme, renin, splits out a smaller, ten-amino-acid piece from angiotensinogen called angiotensin I. Yet another enzyme, called appropriately angiotensin-converting enzyme, (ACE) then removes two amino acids from the end to give the potent vasoconstrictor angiotensin II. Release of this last substance of course raises blood pressure. The sequence is shown in outline form in Figure 16 (amino acids are designated by standard abbreviations). A group at Squibb investigated a series of peptides isolated from a snake venom that inhibited the angiotensin-converting enzyme (Fig. 17).41 They then synthesized a series of small eight-amino-acid peptides whose structure was based on the most active constituent from the venom. One of these analogs, teprotide, which comprised nine amino acids, lowered blood pressure in animal models for hypertension. It also did so, most notably, in human volunteers. The fact that peptides are often poorly absorbed and quickly destroyed in the body led the group to seek a synthetic small molecule that had the same activity. They had accumulated suf cient data on how changes in the chemical structure of the analogues of teprotide affected ACE-inhibiting activity to construct a working model of the site of action. They then synthesized a series of analogs based on that model. The compound chosen for clinical workup, captopril, was the rst antihypertensive ACE inhibitor to be approved for use in humans. This drug is also one of the rst cases where knowledge of the active site of drug action was successfully applied in the design of a drug. A number of analogs from competing laboratories soon joined captopril on the market. These later drugs all avoided the use of the sulfur-containing group found in captopril, an entity that had been associated with some unpleasant side effects.
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Figure 3.4 The Manager s Panel provides a high-level overview of the project status. Dark gray would appear green on-screen to show a project is on schedule, Black would be red on-screen to indicate a project is behind schedule.
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Networking: Sockets communication Class Socket, InetSocketAddress, ServerSocket Symbian Class RSocket, RSocketServ TInetAddr Header (library) es_sock (esock)
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Component-based application servers for server-side components, such as EJB [MaHa99], CORBA Components [OMG99a], or COM+ [Box97], implement the Interceptor Proxy variant. To help developers focus on their application-specific business logic, special concrete frameworks often denoted as 'containers' in this context are introduced to shield components from the system-specific run-time environment. Components need not implement all their infrastructural services, such as transactions, security, or persistence, but instead declare their requirements using configuration-specific attributes. The diagram below illustrates this container architecture:
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maximally -irreducible, meaning that for any other positive - nite measure on (H, ), , it is necessarily true that > . See Meyn and Tweedie (1993, pp. 88 89) for some additional but not critical details. Closed and Absorbing Sets We say that a nonempty set A is obtainable from the state for the Markov chain de ned at time n by the kernel K n if K n ( , A) > 0 for some n 1, and unobtainable if K n ( , A) = 0 for all n 1. (5.4) (5.3)
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