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ment on a scale broader than you can imagine. The tools provide easy access to corporate and enterprisewide data and also convert that data into useful and actionable information that is consistent across the organization one coherent version of the truth. These advanced software vendors offerings are timely to solve today s problems in commerce and government. The market has been evolving from wanting just business intelligence tools to wanting complete solutions. This includes customizable horizontal solutions that apply across all markets (e.g., human capital management and scorecards), as well as industry-speci c solutions for industries such as retail, banking, health care, or manufacturing. These are referred to as vertical solutions. Figure 22.1 illustrates the location of ABM in an information system and its more popular data outputs used in scorecarding systems. The gure also reveals how data from disparate sources can be extracted and stored to be retrieved for analysis. In an example of a horizontal balanced scorecard application, data requirements for the popular four perspectives of the scorecard might be fed from Oracle Financials, Siebel CRM call center, SAP materials management, and PeopleSoft human resources. Bringing all of these pieces together can be challenging because of the different underlying data structure assumptions made by each. Direct access to source data is dif cult due to the vast number of tables involved (tens of thousands in large systems). Data management tools by a vendor such as SAS integrates them and hides the complexity with an internal, logical
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planes. The cross-polarization performance of an FSS due to a circularly polarized incident field would be very similar to that of a linearly polarized incident field as long as the magnitudes of the CPI are of same order for the TE and TM incident modes. 9.2.3 FSS-Loaded Antenna The secondary patterns of an antenna loaded with an FSS can be determined from the primary patterns of the antenna and the transmission (or reflection) characteristics of the FSS. Figure 9.7 is a schematic of a horn loaded with an FSS. To obtain the secondary pattern we assume that (a) the FSS is extended to infinity in the transverse directions and (b) the reflected field from the FSS does not perturb the
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To ensure that the design will work, IT must implement and then go through testing phases with the design team as focus groups and beta groups use the initial design and evaluate its usability, navigability, and searching capability. Subsequent improvement will need to be made, and where needed, training resources will need to be provided. Once the intranet is launched, IT will maintain the basic structure while providing an interface that is under direct control of the various groups, including knowledge-exchange communities, who make use of it.
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term commitment to the supplier of the standard solution, which may constrain future IT purchasing strategy. The proprietary COTS package may be discontinued, or have insufficient functionality, which could leave the client with a problem. Therefore, the project manager and his or her technical team should always consider whether a COTS package implementation is the best selection. Adapting Existing Systems An option that is frequently overlooked is that of adapting an existing system. This option may offer short-term benefits, particularly while waiting for the release of a proven version of a packaged solution, and it is a potentially low-cost, low-risk solution. However, adapting and continuing to rely on an existing system does have some risks. It can cause investment in potentially redundant technology platforms. It can create a reliance on in-house systems maintenance skills. It can prevent the improvement of existing business processes. Developing Customized Solutions Many organizations require unique customization of available standard packaged solutions. This customization is performed in order to get the best of both worlds, but the result can be failure if the project customizes the solution too much. The key criteria here is that the client must, at some point in time, draw a line when deciding upon the amount of customization. There are two main categories that a client should consider when wanting to customize a solution: (1) limited customization and (2) extensive customization. Table 4.8 portrays the impact each of these choices have on a standard application. Table 4.8: Impact of customizing a standard package Limited Customization Allows design of the user interface Offers ability to change certain documentation and reports Gives definitions and changing of customized fields Defines customized business Extensive Customization Is likely to cause an increase in project schedule and budget Causes growth in technical complexity Results in poor quality of functional and system fit Does not have effective
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Applications in our time service example use a template to retrieve concrete components from a singleton Component_Configurator's Component_Repository in a typesafe manner: template <class COMPONENT> class Concrete_Component {
We can see that the noise factor reduces to the appropriate value in the absence of a mismatch (i.e., 1 = 0). In terms of SWR, we can write Eq. (3.27) as fcbl = SWR1 1 1 + g2 SWR1 + 1
As mentioned earlier, the TMN standard was developed for telecommunications networks and has been successfully used in the management of circuitswitched wireline networks. More speci cally, the operations support systems (OSSs) in circuit-switched wireline networks have been successfully structured around the TMN paradigm. As also mentioned earlier, while the TMN models are not necessarily relevant to managing IP networks in general (and MANETs in particular), they provide some fundamental management concepts that can be applied to the management of MANETs. In particular, the concept of FCAPS discussed below and the layered architecture discussed in Section are two powerful concepts that can be applied to managing MANETs. The speci c models and implementations of these principles and concepts for MANETs differ somewhat from their typical implementation in wireline networks, as will be pointed out in s 6 through 9 of this book. The TMN FCAPS Model. One of the concepts introduced by the TMN was the speci cation of ve separate, distinct areas of network management:
quality of experience and protection in every market in which they choose to operate. You can do that by standardizing based on the regulations of the most rigorously regulated market in which you operate in much the same way that many automakers build their cars to stringent U.S. emission and safety standards. In the case of the Internet, that will mean adhering to the European Union s Directives on Distance Selling and Privacy.8 Initiatives such as the Better Business Bureau s online efforts to improve Web site reliability promise to be a subset of the EU directives.9
6 introduces three models of market competition. Their consequences for pricing are discussed in the Sections 6.2 6.4. In Section 6.1 we de ne three models for a market: monopoly, perfect competition and oligopoly. Section 6.2 looks at the strategies that are available to a monopoly supplier who has prices completely under his control. Section 6.3 describes what happens when prices are out of the supplier s control and effectively determined by the invisible hand of perfect competition. Section 6.4, considers the middle case, called oligopoly, in which there is no dominate supplier, but the competing suppliers are few and their actions can affect prices. Within this section, we present a brief tutorial on some models in game theory that are relevant to pricing problems. Section 6.5 concludes with an analysis of a model in which a combination of social welfare and supplier pro t is to be maximized. 6.1 Types of competition The market in which suppliers and customers interact can be extraordinarily complex. Each participant seeks to maximize his own surplus. Different actions, information and market power are available to the different participants. One imagines that a large number of complex games can take place as they compete for pro t and consumer surplus. The following sections are concerned with three basic models of market structure and competition: monopoly, perfect competition and oligopoly. In a monopoly there is a single supplier who controls the amount of goods produced. In practice, markets with a single supplier tend to arise when the goods have a production function that exhibits the properties of a natural monopoly. A market is said to be a natural monopoly if a single supplier can always supply the aggregate output of several smaller suppliers at less than the total of their costs. This is due both to production economies of scale (the average cost of production decreases with the quantity of a good produced) and economies of scope (the average cost of production decreases with the number of different goods produced). Mathematically, if all suppliers share a common cost function, c, this implies c.x C y/ c.x/ C c.y/, for all vector quantities of services x and y. We say that c. / is a subadditive function. This is frequently the case when producing digital goods, where there is some xed initial development cost and nearly zero cost to reproduce and distribute through the Internet. In such circumstances, a larger supplier can set prices below those of smaller competitors and so capture the entire market for himself. Once the market is his alone then his problem is
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