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Three major theoretical models are proposed to account for ASD. The most discussed over the years has been meta-representational theory or theory of mind (Baron-Cohen, 1988, 1995; Baron-Cohen, Leslie, & Frith, 1985). This perspective conceptualizes ASD as a central disorder of empathy such that individuals on the spectrum are unable to understand mental states of self or others. This disorder is related to their inability to represent (or mentalize) the states or perspectives of others such that they cannot predict behaviors of others (or presuppose how/what others will feel/think); subsequently, pragmatic communication skills are impaired. Theory of mind is believed to consist of more than emotion recognition but also an understanding that other persons may not share the same belief system. Neurological substrates implicated for perspective taking include the temporoparietal junction, superior temporal sulcus, and medial prefrontal cortex (M. F. Mason & Macrae, 2008). It has been suggested that the de cits observed across the spectrum extend beyond what can be explained by theory of mind (Tager-Flusberg, 2007). Debate continues regarding the extent to which theory of mind and the primary de cits in social reasoning are dependent on executive function and language (Apperly, Samson, & Humphreys, 2005; Perner & Lang, 2000). A second theoretical model, weak central coherence theory (Happ , 1993, 2005), suggests that individuals with ASDs engage in sporadic processing of information (Joseph, 1999), particularly in the establishment of meaningful connections between stimuli
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Psychometric Summary for Caleb Scaled Score Standard Score
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Figure 3.25 HARQ schemes Type-II HARQ with incremental redundancy the stored packet, the receiver can decode the combined sequence with a coding rate of R . As a result, the Type-II HARQ can improve performance with both a time-diversity effect and improved coding gain. Figure 3.26 shows two examples to compare the throughput performance of these HARQ schemes (Miki et al. 2001). It is seen that both the proposed HARQ schemes have a signi cant improvement compared with the basic Type-I HARQ. Also, Type-II HARQ has a better performance than Type-I HARQ with PC at the lower range of Ec /N0 . However, since the HARQ should be used with AMC in HSDPA, a low range of Ec /N0 for one modulation (64-QAM) is a high range of Ec /N0 for another modulation (QPSK). The advantage of the Type-II HARQ is not obvious. Moreover, Type-II HARQ must store all the puncture patterns of a de-spread sequence in order to combine code words. This means that the receiver with Type-II HARQ needs a more complex processing mechanism than one with Type-I HARQ with PC. For this reason, the HSDPA system has chosen Type-I HARQ with PC as the fast retransmission scheme. In current W-CDMA networks, a selective repeat-based Type-I HARQ is used and the retransmission requests are processed by the RNC. A long processing delay results in signi cant latency to applications. In HSPDA, the above Type-I HARQ with PC is introduced and the request is processed in the BS, providing the fastest possible response.
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Leonard and Hillary are practically incarnations of this description. As the preceding paragraph illustrates, schizoids are impressive not for what they do, but for what they fail to do. Again, the schizoid is probably best described as the reverse of the histrionic. Whereas histrionics are turned radically outward toward the social world, schizoids are radically detached. Whereas histrionics are hyperemotional, schizoids lack the capacity for deep emotional experience. Whereas histrionics are demonstrative, dramatic, spontaneous, and theatrical, schizoids are unanimated, robotic, and lacking in energy and vitality. Whereas histrionics demand the center of attention, schizoids are socially disinterested. Whereas histrionics are hypersexualized, schizoids have little or no interest in such matters. Whereas histrionics are cognitively scattered and unable to focus, schizoids either focus intensely and creatively or, in their more severe form, become so withdrawn that they lack any motivation for sustained concentration. Whereas histrionics employ massive repression as their principal defense mechanism, schizoids either intellectualize or have so few conflicts and drives that there is little to repress. Because schizoids are socially detached, they are often perceived as insensitive, cold, and humorless. Schizoids are indeed insensitive but in the same way that a scale might not display your weight correctly. They are not harsh or callous by nature. Normal persons manage their interpersonal presentation automatically at a level below conscious awareness. Social perception and reaction are so routine that social encounters run smoothly. Such abilities normally begin to develop at birth, with the attachment between mother and infant, and continue to grow in sophistication over most of the life span. In contrast, schizoids lack internal models by which to represent interpersonal behavior. They may fail to reciprocate even smiles or nods, for example. Their appraisals about the intent, goals, and feelings of others are likely to be wrong much of the time or informed by factors that most of us would consider tangential or irrelevant, especially where communications have some subtle aspect or convey information related to feelings of conflict or irony. Leonard, for example, is confused by questions with emotional nuance. Whereas every normal person understands what it is like to be pulled in two different directions at once, the famous approach-approach conflict, such communications are far too complex for most schizoids. In more severe cases, the scope of understanding may not extend to even the coarsest categories of emotional experience those basic emotions that primate theorists view as being hardwired into human nature, such as joy, surprise, disgust, anger, and fear. For this reason, Benjamin (1996, p. 349) refers to the schizoid as an interpersonal black hole signals disappear forever without leaving a trace. Because schizoids fail to attach to others, they cannot enjoy the warmth and support of an intimate relationship or develop a friendship that rests on a history of shared experiences the thick and thin or enjoy being part of a family. Hillary, as we have
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Thus far, we have simpli ed our discussion by supposing that users buy only one service. However, the ideas extend to models with more than one service. The following is an interesting example. Suppose a service is sold in two versions. The services are perfect substitutes except that they differ in the levels of congestion present. The problem of maximizing social welfare takes the form maximize
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Figure 4.4 Coordinated and orderly communication with a busy IT department brings better results and relationships.
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venture in genetic diagnostics representing another important early pharmacogenomic commercial arrangement (Ma, 2001). Soon afterward, in early 1998, deCODE entered into a $200 million genomics and pharmacogenomics agreement with Roche to identify disease genes through genetic analysis of the uniquely homogeneous Icelandic population. Another diagnostic deal was reached between deCODE and Roche in 2001 (Ma, 2001). Still other pharmacogenomic commercial arrangements include agreements between Ciphergen and P zer to predict toxicity of P zer drug compounds, Lynx and AstraZeneca to discover SNPs that can be used to develop pharmacogenomic tests and discover drug targets, and Orchid and AstraZeneca to investigate SNPs related to areas of Astra s therapeutic work (Longman, 2001). CuraGen has also had substantial commercial dealings in pharmacogenomics. Under its 2001 alliance with Bayer, CuraGen will supply the pharmaceutical giant with 80 drug targets, provide access to CuraGen s functional genomics and bioinformatics tools, and determine whether drugs arising from the targets are suitable for individual patients by using pharmacogenomic analysis. Under a separate $124 million agreement, CuraGen will use these analytic capabilities to advise Bayer of toxigenicity and side effects in drug screening, and the partners will create a database of toxicity response genes for mutual use (Longman, 2001). Database subscription deals include the licensing of Genaissance s haplotype database to Johnson & Johnson, P zer, and AstraZeneca for use in disease and drug response correlations, and companies such as Celera Genomics, Oxford GylycoSciences, and Lexicon Genetics are including pharmacogenomic elements in their agreement proposals as well (Longman, 2001). The deal making between large pharmaceutical companies and smaller companies offering pharmacogenomic tools and services represents a signi cant investment on the part of Big Pharma in pharmacogenomics. Despite reluctance with respect to how the technology is to be used at this stage, it seems clear that pharmacogenomics will be rmly entrenched in the future of drug development. Given the signi cant role the technology will play, it is reasonable to expect that Big Pharma and smaller companies already holding pharmacogenomic assets will explore alternate, independent business structures for realizing the potential of pharmacogenomics.
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h=new double [M+1]; l=new double [M+1]; mu=new double [M+1]; z=new double [M+1]; alpha=new double [M+1]; for (int j=0;j<=m;j++) a[j] = Y[j]; for (j=0;j<=m-1;j++) h[j] = X[j+1] - X[j]; for (j=1;j<=m-1;j++) alpha[j] = 3*(a[j+1]*h[j-1]-a[j] *(h[j]+h[j-1])+a[j-1]*h[j])/(h[j]*h[j-1]); l[0]=1; mu[0]=0; z[0]=0; for (j=1;j<=m-1;j++) { l[j]=2*(h[j]+h[j-1])-h[j-1]*mu[j-1]; mu[j]=h[j]/l[j]; z[j]=(alpha[j]-h[j-1]*z[j-1])/l[j]; } l[m]=1; z[m]=0; c[m]=0; for (j=m-1;j>=0;j ) { c[j]=z[j]-mu[j]*c[j+1]; b[j]=(a[j+1]-a[j])/h[j]-h[j]*(c[j+1]+2*c[j])/3; d[j]=(c[j+1]-c[j])/(3*h[j]); } delete h,l,mu,z,alpha; }
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