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The building of a knowledge network begins with a perceived need to know more and to know it sooner. That need not only justifies the expense of reorganization, technology, and new leadership positions, but it drives the buy-in by employees who must participate in the network to make it a success. A study by the consulting group McKinsey and Company9 identified performance as a prime motivating factor in knowledge cultures. By setting goals and
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Identifying Staff for Globalization Efforts In the following sections I propose an organizational staf ng for a company intent on globalizing its online presence and providing support for other units of the company. The roles that I describe might not match up with the way you do things inside your company or with your particular needs. However inappropriate these particular titles and job descriptions, the goal is to get your company thinking about the following:
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Leonard is a tall, slender man referred to the Employee Assistance Program at the university by his supervisor. When asked why he was being seen, Leonard replied, Maybe he thought I d do better by now. He offers no other explanation, cannot explain why his supervisor might be dissatisfied, and does not seem especially concerned.1 He has worked at the library for not quite a year. At first, he was assigned to book checkout, but was unable to engage the patrons interpersonally and was eventually reassigned to work alone in the stacks, a position he prefers. The most notable aspect of his presentation is an absence of emotion. There is no restrained anger, nor even any sign of fear or annoyance. Nor is there any anxiety or curiosity about what he might experience. In fact, Leonard seems quite detached from the surrounding world, responding slowly but automatically, as if he were just going through the motions. Eye contact is minimal. Gathering information from Leonard takes time. Sometimes, he seems to misunderstand the questions. Sentences loaded with emotional nuance take a long time for him to process. Even when he does understand, his responses are brief and nearly devoid of emotional content. The few facial expressions he uses seem inappropriate to the content of his words. And yet, Leonard is not malicious. Rather, he is simply not connected to the interviewer, nor to the world. No mention is made of friends, coworkers, or any significant relationships, either past or present. Instead, he prefers to spend his free time alone, watching television or working on model airplanes, which are all I need. Nevertheless, he cannot name a show or series he likes. He does not understand the idea of a favorite. When asked if he is close to anyone in his family, he is confused by the idea of closeness, but does mention that his older sister had suggested that work at the university would give him health insurance coverage. Further inquiry reveals that although his family lives in the area, it is they who stay in touch with him, while Leonard has been known to move without notifying anyone for months. Leonard s conduct cannot be seen as insubordinate, because he has no understanding of what insubordinate might mean. When it is explained to him that if job improvements were not seen, termination might result, he seems to understand but is not perturbed by the possibility.
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Further Discussion of Case Study
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ad click A click on an online advertisement as measured by the platform serving the ad. Not to be confused with a visit, which is measured on the Web site by the Web analytics tool. Clicks and visits rarely align. B2B (business-to-business) Marketing that is intended to promote the products or services of one business to other businesses. B2C (business-to-consumer) Marketing that is intended to promote the products or services of one business to consumers (people, not business entities). banner ad Visual ads common to many Web sites that are horizontal or vertical rectangular ads. CPA (cost per action) Paying for media and advertising exposure based on a xed fee paid when a certain action is performed, such as completing a purchase or registering for a download. CPC (cost per click) Paying for advertising and media exposure on the basis of ad clicks received, as recorded by the ad-serving platform.
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List for Wage and Hour Internal Audit
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[Vernadat 96] Vernadat, Francois. Enterprise Modeling and Integration. London, England: Chapman & Hall 1996.
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