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You may remember that in 3, the Anytown Arts Council hired Tom, a young technician, to take charge of its computer system. He was a personable, computer-literate young man who had recently graduated from high school and was attending classes at the local community college. It was not long before the Arts Council director and her board realized that paying a technician s salary did not ensure that their multiple computer problems were solved. Tom really did not understand how staff and volunteers used the computer system, primarily because no one told him. He treated the system as if it were his own personal equipment, since most of his experience consisted of working on his own personal computers.
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Etiology, 74 Evolutionary developmental perspective, 57 72, 73 evolutionary foundations of personality, 58 61 adaptation imperative (ecological accommodation/modification; passive-active polarity), 40, 60, 63 replication imperative (reproductive nurturance/propagation; other-self polarity), 40 41, 60 61, 63, 210 survival imperative (life preservation/ enhancement; pain-pleasure polarity), 40, 59 60, 63, 210 toward integrated science of personology, 70 72 neurodevelopmental foundations of personality, 61 64 stage 1: sensory-attachment, 62 63 stage 2: sensorimotor-autonomy, 63 64 stage 3: intracortical-reproductive identity, 64 operationalizing the personality disorders, 69 polarity model and personality style and disorder derivatives, 63 (see also Domains of personality) on specific personalities/disorders: antisocial, 175 182 avoidant, 210 217 borderline, 505 511 compulsive, 247 255 dependent, 278 284 depressive, 545 548 histrionic, 318 324 narcissistic, 358 366 negativistic, 554 559 paranoid, 463 471 sadistic, 535 539 schizoid, 392 398 schizotypal, 425 430 Existential aim, 63 Experiential Group Therapy, 136 Experiential history, pathogenic, 88 90 Explosive sadist, 533 Expressive acts, 65, 70. See also Domains of personality, attributes of specific disorders Extinction, resistance to, 104 106 Extroversion/introversion (five-factor model), 25, 34, 55 Factor analysis, 55 Factor models, 55 57 False face/self (schizoid personality), 384, 394
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