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upon the size of the buffer, the CLP and the precise mix of traf c that is multiplexed at the operating point. If any of these change, then the most probable time to over ow also changes. For example, t tends to zero as the size of buffer, B, tends to zero. The value of the space parameter s (perhaps measured in kb 1 ) measures the degree to which advantage can be gained from statistical multiplexing. In particular, for links with capacity much greater than the sum of the mean rates of the multiplexed sources, s tends to zero and j .s; t/ approaches the mean rate of a source of type j (e.g. as lims!0 [s 1 log. 1 eas C 1 ebs / D 1 .a C b/, for a source producing either a or b, with equal 2 2 2 probabilities, in a window of length t). For links with capacity not much greater than the sum of the mean rates of the sources, there can be little statistical multiplexing gain. Intuitively, buffering is crucial and increasing the size of the buffer will make a large reduction in the CLP, and thus s D d =d B will be large. As s ! 1, we nd that j .s; t/ tends to N N a value, say j .1; t/ D X j [0; t]=t, where X j [0; t] D supfa : P.X j [0; t] a/ > 0g, i.e., the least upper bound on the value that X j [0; t] takes with positive probability (e.g. as lims!1 [s 1 log. 1 eas C 1 ebs / D maxfa; bg). For sources that do not have 2 2 N maximum peak rates, such as a Gaussian one, X j [0; t] D 1. Note that this gives the appropriate effective bandwidth for deterministic multiplexing (i.e. for CLP D 0), since if P j x j j .1; t/ C, where t is given the value that maximizes the left-hand side of this P inequality, then j x j X j [0; t] Ct with probability 1 for all t. We pursue this further in Section 4.12. There is also a mathematical interpretation for s. Conditional on an over ow event happening, the empirical distributions of the inputs just prior to that event differ from their unconditional distributions. For example, they have greater means than usual and realize a total rate of C C B=t over the time t. The so-called exponentially tilted distribution with parameter s , speci es the distribution of the sources most probable behaviour leading up to an over ow event. The single constraint (4.6) is a good approximation to the boundary of the acceptance region if the values of s and t remain fairly constant on that boundary of A and so j .s; t/ does not vary much. In practice, the values of x might be expected to lie within some small part of the acceptance region boundary (perhaps because the network tries to keep x near some point where social welfare or revenue is maximized). In this case it is only important for (4.6) to give a good approximation to A on this part of its boundary. The motivation for the above approach comes from a large deviations analysis of a model of a single link. Here we simply state the main result. Let C be the capacity of the link and B be the size of its buffer. Suppose the operating point is x (dropping the bar for simplicity). Consider an asymptotic regime in which there are many sources , in which link capacity is C D N C .0/ , buffer size is B D N B .0/ , the operating point is x D N x .0/ , and N tends to in nity. It can be shown that lim log.CLP.N // " k X .0/ D sup inf st x j j .s; t/
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Phase detector
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Hesitant to interpret observations posiMorphologic Because of a significant reversal of the tively for fear that, in doing so, they may Organization pain-pleasure polarity, morphologic not take problematic forms or achieve structures have contrasting and dual troublesome and self-denigrating outqualities one more or less convencomes; as a result, there is a habit of tional, the other its obverse resulting in repeatedly expressing attitudes and a repetitive undoing of affect and intenanticipations contrary to favorable tion, of a transposing of channels of beliefs and feelings. need gratification with those leading to frustration, and of engaging in actions that produce antithetical, if not selfsabotaging, consequences. Exaggeration Dysphoric Repetitively recalls past injustices and Mood/ Experiences a complex mix of emotions, anticipates future disappointments as a Temperament at times anxiously apprehensive; at othmeans of raising distress to homeostatic ers, forlorn and mournful, to feeling levels; undermines personal objectives anguished and tormented; intentionally and sabotages good fortunes so as to displays a plaintive and wistful appearenhance or maintain accustomed level of ance, frequently to induce guilt and dissuffering and pain. comfort in others.
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Implicit Interceptor Registration. Rather than registering interceptors via dispatchers explicitly, a concrete framework can load interceptors dynamically. There are two ways to implement this strategy: The concrete framework searches for interceptor libraries in predefined locations. It then loads these libraries into the concrete framework and ensures that they support the required interceptor interfaces before installing and dispatching events to them. The concrete framework can link interceptors dynamically using a run-time configuration mechanism, such as the one defined by the Component Configurator pattern (75). In this design a component configurator component within the concrete framework interprets a script that specifies which interceptors to link, where to find the dynamically linked libraries (DLLs) that contain these interceptors, and how to initialize them. The component configurator then links the specified DLLs and registers the interceptors contained within them with the concrete framework.
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The next report is from a hospital-based clinic. Identifying information, such as child and family name, teacher or physician name, and school information, has been altered or ctionalized to protect con dentiality. barcode128
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