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getting lost in their self-generated fantasies of godlike power, infinite riches, mastermind intelligence, or unparalleled celebrity. They not only perceive themselves as better than others but also hold others in contempt for being inferior, if not just for being average. They are self-proclaimed shining stars, and we are expected to watch and admire. For them, the rest of us are simply worker bees, worthy only of taking and carrying out their every direction but not worthy of ever having an original thought, much less a life independent of their plans and desires. To balance out our indebtedness to them for the honor of their association, we must anticipate their every need and excuse them from any mundane duty, while working tirelessly toward the realization of their glory. Other people in their lives frequently come to feel as though they are possessions of such individuals, existing to be used and exploited without shame. Their egocentricity makes them indifferent to the rights and welfare of others and, sometimes, indifferent to the laws of society as well. To justify their actions, they rationalize ad nauseam, presenting convenient reasons that excuse their inconsiderateness and superior attitude, thus placing themselves in the best possible light. When pressed or confronted, they are likely to become even more haughty, dismissive, and, in some instances, enraged. Such individuals demonstrate the DSM-IV narcissistic personality pattern. For the people who must interact with them, they are among the most difficult of the personality disorders. Consider the case of our self-proclaimed genius, Gerald (see Case 10.1), who obviously exhibits a grandiose sense of self-importance (see criterion 1). He identifies himself with Einstein and Salk, individuals who had suffered nobly for being ahead of their time, just like me. Undoubtedly, Gerald s grandiosity is what fuels many of his behaviors. His arrogance leads him to assert that his problems lie in the company, not him, ignoring the fact that his relationships with both his supervisors and his subordinates are already strained to the breaking point. Others in this position would likely take time to reflect on their behavior when faced with a united front, rather than plow ahead foolishly in the face of negative feedback from both above and below in the organizational hierarchy. Gerald, however, shows such self-importance as to persevere in spite of what he sees as others ignorance. His grandiosity feeds a fantasy life where unbridled brilliance and success are realized (see criterion 2). He mentions, for example, that he sees himself as president of a new company that will put his ideas into action and he can only imagine that success is just a matter of time. More than likely, Gerald needs these fantasies, which support and protect a superior image of the self against intrusions from an aboveaverage but much less stellar reality. Undoubtedly, his need for superiority has evolved in connection with the worship he receives from his mother, who insists that he will do something important, implying that he will become famous by somehow contributing to human history. Though Gerald is obviously intelligent, as evidenced by a career that otherwise would likely have ended long ago, his perception is still distorted to magnify his aptitude. His estimation of his own abilities and his expectations that others should bow to his every whim speak to a considerable discrepancy between reality and his own aggrandized self-image. He believes that he is special, and he is pleased that he is being treated by a psychiatrist, for only someone with a medical degree would have a chance of understanding his situation (see criterion 3). Moreover, he feels so special that he is entitled to invent new ways of doing things that disrupt organizational patterns, without worrying about their effects on the lives of others (see criterion 7). Instead of offering sympathy, Gerald expects that his subordinates should simply recognize and automatically effect the wisdom of his intellectual mandate (see criterion 5). If there
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The TE and TM modes are transverse to the FSS normal.
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July 1997 2.4-2.4835 GHz (83.5 MHz) DSSS, FHSS 3 Indoor/ outdoor
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If the dP/dt = 0 line is kept vertical and the slope of dN/dt = 0 is altered, what is the effect on dynamics and stability In particular, what happens when dN/dt = 0 is horizontal, which is equivalent to removing the prey density dependence In this case, starting at any point simply sends the trajectory on an elliptical path back to where it started (Fig. 6.6a). This is an example of neutral stability, for which the Lotka Volterra model received much criticism. Neutral stability, akin to a frictionless pendulum, is referred to as a structurally unstable model (May 1973a), in which the amplitude of cycles is determined by initial conditions and the cycles persist with unchanging amplitude. This is in contrast to the limit cycles in 5 where the cycles uctuate between particular densities regardless of the initial conditions; that is, the starting density. If the gradient of dN/dt = 0 is positive then the trajectory spirals out leading to unrealistically high values of predator and prey (Fig. 6.6b). When the gradient of dN/dt is negative, as in the above example, the result will be a stable equilibrium (Fig. 6.6c). In fact, with the Lotka Volterra equations, the only cycles produced are neutrally stable. Although Volterra considered the possibility of using equation 6.2 in his predator prey model, noting that the uctuations would be damped and the system would tend towards the stationary state, he did not pursue this line of enquiry. Most of his emphasis in predator prey systems was on the possibility of cycles using equation 6.3 without prey regulation and equation 6.4. For structurally stable cycles we need a time delay of some description, which may be expressed either as a delay differential equation (Hutchinson 1948) or, as in the next section, by coupled difference equations.
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Figure 9.1 Four Stocks Plotted on Same Price Scale
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the application showed a sine wave on the oscilloscope and identi ed the correct note and frequency. After that, the nal and most crucial test: could I use it to tune my guitar The rst serious bug I came across was a blank container after starting the application, when I should have been seeing my custom controls! I spent a frustrated couple of hours checking that the drawing code was running correctly and trying to nd out what was drawing over my controls or whether I d made a mistake with the co-ordinates. The error was one that you could easily repeat if you re in a hurry so I ll share my embarrassment here. I d copied RGB color values from the GTK+ code into ARGB values without realizing. The result is that the alpha value was set to zero for all the colors I was using. All of the drawing code was working, I was just drawing in invisible ink! The next issue was that the oscilloscope control was being drawn too large. This was simply because, while copying the skeleton code, I d forgotten to remove the following line from the HandleResourceChange() method of the control (which is called when the control is created and whenever it changes size or position). The control was setting its own rectangle to ll the entire window.
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of your site to create correct, credible experiences. It also provides the basis for content authors and translators to do their jobs. 2. Internationalization is best left to experts. If you do not have the experts in house, look to industry specialists such as Basis, LingoPort, or Rubric to do it for you. Integrators IBM Global Solutions, Sapient, and the professional services divisions of most large software companies can help as well. 3. Adopt a commercial software approach for your corporate platform. As your rm rolls its software out into regions and countries, think of it the same way that major vendors such as Oracle and Microsoft do. Make sure that it can support all the territories where you expect it to be used.
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Keisha lives with her mother, father, and older sister. Keisha s parents are both high school educated. Maternal IQ was low average to average (Full Scale quotient 89) as measured by the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence. Keisha s sister is healthy and doing well at school. Keisha currently attends rst grade at a public school, and reports from
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Fig. 1.7 Percentage of methane ux plotted against the two independent variables (peat temperature and water-table depth).
Protection of Electrical Networks
ex d x = a2 ex 2B = a2 pR. 2 2
temp=pop(row1,col1); pop(row1,col1)=pop(row1,col2); pop(row1,col2)=temp; im(ic)=row1; end cost=feval(ff,pop); %_______________________________________________________ % Sort the costs and associated parameters part=pop; costt=cost; [cost,ind]=sort(cost); pop=pop(ind,:); %_______________________________________________________ % Do statistics minc(iga)=min(cost); meanc(iga)=mean(cost); end %iga %_______________________________________________________ % Displays the output day=clock; disp(datestr(datenum(day(1),day(2),day(3),day(4),day( 5),day(6)),0)) disp([ optimized function is ff]) format short g disp([ popsize = num2str(popsize) mutrate = num2str(mutrate) # par = num2str(npar)]) disp([ best cost= num2str(cost(1))]) disp([ best solution ]) disp([num2str(pop(1,:))]) gure(2) iters=1:maxit; plot(iters,minc,iters,meanc, ); xlabel( generation );ylabel( cost ); gure(1);plot([x(pop(1,:)) x(pop(1,1))],[y(pop(1,:)) y(pop(1,1))],x,y, o );axis square
Shinzen Young, mindfulness meditation teacher whose story is shared in 4, has another, more advanced approach to handling personal polarities. If you want to resolve two opposites, find out what they have in common. Take joy and fear, for example. They are both body sensations, although they also trigger mental images. As such they are vibrating waves of pure energy. Waves can join into an integrated experience. To better understand this, Young suggests that you consider something solid, such as ice cubes. They have diff iculty merging. Instead, they bang and come apart. But they can easily unite, if you change them into water. Let s explore another example for more advanced meditators. Perhaps you are faced with a decision stay in your current job or leave While meditating, you can experience each option as a constellation of body sensations, mental images, and internal talk. When you transform the stream of body sensations, images, and talk into waveforms, you don t suffer from a conf lict between them. The streams merge into a unified waveform. You do not waste energy fighting yourself and probably make the best decisions. Realize that this approach may be new and requires practice.
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