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The circuit-breaker must be able to be closed upon occurrence of a short-circuit. The electrodynamic effect that it undergoes (see section 5.2) depends on the peak value of the short-circuit current. This peak value is defined by a coefficient K (see section 4.1.1), such that the peak value of the short-circuit current is equal to K times the r.m.s. value of the short-circuit current in steady-state operating conditions. IEC 62271-100, section 4.103, stipulates that the rated short-circuit making capacity must be 2.5 times the r.m.s. value of the AC component of its rated shortcircuit breaking capacity. This means that the circuit-breaker can be closed upon occurrence of a shortcircuit with a coefficient of K 2.5, having a value equal to its rated short-circuit breaking capacity. R According to section 4.1.1, K = 2 1 + e X . from which the value of
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particularly if you ve found a strong niche. But to get the most from your SEM campaign, you need to be smart about which keywords you bid on, how much you pay, what text is used in ads, what hours of the day, days of the week, and times of year ads are allowed to run, and where ads are shown geographically. You need to do all this in addition to building a strong value proposition and a ercely persuasive Web site using all the avenues we explored in 8. SEM works on an auction-plus-quality model. Advertisers that deliver the most relevant ads at the highest price win. While the bid price is straightforward the higher bid wins the aspect of most relevant is what makes up quality. Quality is determined by an algorithm that evaluates several factors, including click-through rate, relevance of ad copy, and landing page contents to the keywords for which ads are being run. In case you re not familiar with how the search auction works, here s a quick summary. (SEM veterans can skip this and move ahead to the next section.) For this summary, we use Google s AdWords platform. Other search engines offering sponsored listings operate in a similar fashion, although AdWords is undoubtedly the most advanced when it comes to factors such as quality score and relevancy matching.
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Using the Google Analytics interface to analyze goal performance
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Range of IP addresses that the DHCP server should allocate to the clients Subnet masks Duration of IP address leases IP address of the default gateway (router) DNS domain name to assign to clients IP address of DNS server for clients
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Figure 6.12. High-level COF-based solution architecture.
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